Taking your dog to the vet is, or can be, one of the scariest things for a dog owner. In fact, it can be even more nerve-wracking for the owner than for the actual dog, although goodness knows, dogs hate going to the vet’s office. But there are some things you can do and some suggestions you can keep in mind to make taking your dog to the vet a more relaxing–and even rewarding–experience for both of you.

The first thing to remember when taking your dog to the vet is that the vet is your friend and your dog’s friend. He’s not the evil genius in the lab coat, cackling maniacally while he plots to implant all dogs with robot brains and takes over the world. People who choose to be vets do so because they love animals; they hate it when an animal is suffering and they want to help make it better. The vet is your ally, not your enemy, and the only one who can help your dog live a healthier, longer life. Don’t you want that for your furry friend?

The second thing to remember when taking your dog to the vet is not to be afraid to ask questions; lots of questions. And if you don’t understand the answer to a question–ask more questions! Never be afraid to look stupid or to ask a question that sounds stupid; the only stupid question is the one you never ask. It’s important if you want to keep your dog in the best possible health, that you understand his or her care properly, and that means asking questions; lots and lots of questions. Make up a list of questions to ask your vet before you go, if you like–and then ask them!

Taking your dog to the vet doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Be prepared; ask questions, and listen carefully. A more rewarding vet experience for you translates into a more rewarding experience for your dog, as well.

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