Even a dog who loves to swim can become overtired or get trapped in a pool or any other body of water. To prevent drowning, never let your dog swim unattended and have your dogs wear dog life jackets .

Swimming is an ideal exercise for dogs whether the dog is recovering for surgery, has a degenerative disease of the joints or muscles, has a back injury or is just out for some fun. Swim therapy is encouraged for dogs recovering from a back injury. The water eases the strain of recovering muscles and speeds up the rehabilitation process.

Swimming exercise, particularly in a heated pool, is one of the best forms of physical therapy. It appears to improve circulation and reduce the severity of joint and muscle pain. The opportunity to swim appears to have psychological benefits as well. Natural endorphins (pain reducer and feel good hormone) and other pain reducing hormones are stimulated when a natural swimmer is able to enjoy paddling around in the water.

Dog life jackets are a great safety addition to a day out on the lake boating or canoeing, kayaking on the river, or surfing on the ocean. Where ever you would put a life jacket on a child is the place you need to put one on your dog.