A bark control collar may be used as a harmless and efficient training tool for eliminating your dog’s nuisance or persistent barking. Following are the most often asked questions I receive from pet owners interested in learning more about bark collars and how they are used.

Bark Collars – Harmless or Harmful?

There has been a lot of debate about the humaneness of using a bark control collar. In my opinion, anti bark collars are very humane.

There are many different varieties of bark collars (Citronella or Spray Collars, Ultra Sonic Collars and Shock Correction Bark Collars). For the intention of this article, I’ll focus on static correction since most of the controversy about reliability and humaneness will often center on this type of collar.

Static correction bark collars use a harmless static shock to admonish your dog when he barks. Some collars sense your dog’s bark through use of vibration sensor, some bark collars utilize a microphone to identify barking by sound; many collars use a combination of vibration and sound.

The static correction that your dog receives is akin to the jolt you feel when you walk across a carpeted floor in your socks and then touch a metal object. You have probably experienced this when you pull your clothing out of the dryer during the wintertime and your clothes have “static cling”. Startling? Yes. Painful? No.

When used properly, along with uniform training, static correction bark collars can be a safe, harmless tool to put a stop unreasonable or nuisance barking.

No Bark Dog Collar

Which bark collar works best?

The answer to this question lies with you, and your dog of course. As a pet owner, you know your pet best. Factors to consider when purchasing a bark collar:

  • Your dog’s age: Bark collars or dog training collars should not be used on a puppy younger than 6 months old.
  • Your dog’s size & weight: Your dog’s weight and neck size need to be considered when considering collars. A bark collar for little dogs won’t work well for a large or stubborn dog.
  • Your dog’s temperament: Is your dog very stubborn? Apprehensive and  fearful? There are bark collars specially created for both of these extremes, as well as standard collars that will work for most dogs. An extremely timid dog may react better to a Citronella Bark Collar or Ultra Sonic system. Likewise, a stubborn dog will in all likelihood be trained easier with a bark control collar especially created for large breeds.

Do bark control collars always work?

The success rate with bark collars is good, but its important to keep in mind that bark devices might not work in each situation. A sure way to help encourage success is to make a commitment to consistent training. Choose the bark collar that conforms best with your dog’s personality and size, use persistent teaching, and you’ll soon be enjoying bark free days.