Beyond its cuteness, most of dogs have one annoying act. Dog tends to pull its leash. Whereas, you think that leash is the only thing that will make the dog safe. Sometimes, you may feel mad and want to stop it. Yet, your dog is not that good to listen to you and stop its habit whenever you ask it. Well, let’s start to stop him with correct ways. You can train your pet for doing what you want. Regardless of the ages, these 4 smart tips can be used. You may try these.

  1. Walking Out

Although dog is a pet, it is still an animal. Its nature is to be free. It wants to go anywhere it wants. Just like you, it feels bored when there is nothing to do or being ‘imprisoned’. Your dog needs walking out sometimes. It can run and feel different condition. Thus, take your pet to walk with you. You can make regular schedule.

  1. Determining What You Want

It is actually very basic step in taking care a dog as your lovely pet. You are demanded to determine the activities of your dog. If you still have no idea, you can start it by knowing these following things. First, it is about walking position. Which one do you think best whether it is letting your do to walk on the right or left side of you. Second, you have to choose between making your arm relax or extended when you take a walk with your pet. The last one is about sniffing. Determine whether you will let your dog sniff during its walk or not. If you have got best answers, be consistent with them.

  1. Having Physical Activities to Release Energy

The third key is actually simple but some people do not realize it. A dog needs activities to use their energy. They cannot sit or keep silent in a long time. You have to make your dog move and release its energy. When it has been tired, it will have less energy to pull the leash. Every day, your dog does an exercise. At least you have to let them doing the exercise 30 minutes. Some dog even need about three hours to spend their energy. The exercise can be various. For instance, you can play with it, run, walk, and many more.

  1. Patience and Practice

It takes time to train your dog to be what you want. Practice will also influence the development of your dog.