Having a dog is such a great thing. However, just like having human friend, there is a thing that might bother us. One thing that bothers almost all dog lovers is the digging habit of the furry companion. Not only it is annoying (the digging), but it also threaten their safety, for example they dig under fences and can reach the outside part of the fence, there I jut a possibility that they will be hit by a car. Here are some treatments to stop your dog to dig.

  1. The first reason dog is digging is to explore the neighborhood to find a mate. He will continue to dig a long as the hormones keep stimulate him to do so. All the fencing thing will not make him stop. Thus, the solution for this thing is to spay your dog.
  2. The other reason your dog is digging is to find a comfortable place to cool down his body in a hot day. Therefore, keeping the dog comfortable by giving him enough water, cool place and avoid him from direct sunlight can be the solution.
  3. Your dog is digging simply because he has the energy to do it. Thus, take your dog for a quite long walk everyday. This can be a good way to unleash the energy of the dog, instead of allowing him to dig in the yard.
  4. If you catch your dog in the act that he is digging simply give him a punishment. You may spray him with a hose. Just like human, dog does not like to be sprayed unexpectedly. So, your dog will learn that there will be consequence when he starts to dig.
  5. Dog is digging in a yard also might be he feels bored and he has enough energy to do activity. Thus, it is recommended that we give him quite enough toy (chewing toy) to keep him busy. The innovation on pet toy is quick right now, we can easily grab it in a pet shop.
  6. Last thing, if you still cannot stop the dog from digging, you can bury his own feces in a place where he usually loves to dig up. Dog does not want to dig up his own feces. This treatment already proved successful for other dog owner. Try this treatment to test and to prove the theory.