If your Chihuahua bites you then you are not alone. Biting and nipping are common problems among both puppies & adult Chihuahuas. The good news is most instances of biting can be quickly and easily solved even when it comes to untrained adult Chis and in this article I will explain how.

However, before you can solve your Chihuahua’s biting problems, you must first understand why they are biting in the first place.

Why Your Chihuahua Bites

Chihuahuas bite for a number of reasons depending on their age and the environment they find themselves them.

Puppies will bite and nip when they are teething and although this is a natural process, you should also work with them to lessen the strength of their bite and help them to redirect this habit to their toys.

Mostly however, Chihuahuas will bite when they find themselves in a stressful situation. These can be brought for a number of reasons:

Little Or No Obedience Training

Obedience training is the foundation from which your Chihuahua will grow into a well behaved and friendly dog. One of the primary goals of this  training is to establish you as the alpha dog in the pack and when your Chi has had minimal or no training, his behavior will likely be unpredictable and in some cases uncontrollable because he is unsure of his place in your household. This insecurity often leads to aggression and could trigger a biting problem.

Inadequate or No Socialization

If your Chihuahua isn’t introduced to a range of people, objects and situations when he is still a puppy, he will likely develop irrational fears. For example, seeing a person on a bicycle for the first time or a man wearing sunglasses can be very scary to an adult Chi who hasn’t been exposed to these before.

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A Medical Problem

If your Chihuahua is in pain, he may prefer not to be disturbed and if you get too close or stroke the area which hurts, he may bite. Moreover, if you Chihuahua is older and has sight or hearing problems, he may snap at you if you surprise him.

Past Abuse

Dogs who have been abused often bite out of fear and without warning. If you feel your Chihuahua may have been abused in the past, it is best to seek advice from a professional dog behaviorist.

How To Stop A Chihuahua Biting

As you see, biting is either caused by a lack of proper training or medical and psychological issues for which you should seek professional advice.

Of course, the best time to begin training your Chihuahua not to bite is when they are still a puppy. However, for some people this may not be possible as they may have adopted an adult Chihuahua who has not had effective training.

How To Stop Chihuahuas Biting As Puppies

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A puppy who is under 6 months oldest is the easiest to train as they’re desperate to learn new things and to please you so they are receive praise.Although nipping and biting when your puppy is teething is a perfectly normal process and watching your little Chi puppy nip at your feet is adorable and cute, it is important to stop this behavior early on as otherwise you Chi will grow up thinking that all biting is adorable and cute.

There are a number of ways to stop your puppy Chihuahua biting and most of these will replicate how your Chi would have been treated when in the company of its litter and mother. A small pinch on the neck, a short exclamation of pain (whether it hurts or not) and replacement therapy which involves give your puppy a toy to bite instead or your hand or foot are all excellent methods to help your puppy understand that biting and nipping people is not appreciated.

How to Stop Chihuahuas Biting After One Year

If you don’t or are unable to stop your puppy biting when it is still young, it will often start play biting more and more after it passes its first birthday.

This is because it thinks that it is in charge of your household and is the alpha leader. It is still perfectly possible to teach them not to bite and simply requires that you either begin or increase the amount of obedience training you are giving your Chi.

How To Stop An Adult Chihuahua Biting

While adult Chihuahuas who bite can be taught to stop, this is more of a challenge than when it is a puppy. However, with persistence, care and most importantly consistence, over time you should be able to teach your Chi that biting is not acceptable.

There is also a safety aspect to consider here. Although they are only small dogs, Chihuahua bites can still be quite nasty and if your Chi is snapping at you or others in a manner which you think is dangerous, you need to seek the advice of a professional animal behaviorist immediately.

Whether you have had your Chi since they were young or if you have adopted an adult Chihuahua who hasn’t been trained, you need to start a strict obedience immediately…today.

How To Train A Chihuahua Puppy…The Right Way

If you already have an established relationship with your Chihuahua this may be a shock to both of you and it will take a few days for your Chi to understand and accept the new relationship. After all, they have been the alpha leader up until this point and won’t want to give up this role without testing you to prove you are in fact the dominant leader.