Golden Retrievers are generally healthy dogs. However, Golden Retrievers, like any other breed of dogs, are prone to sickness and diseases. There are some Golden’s who have a history of medical problems brought due to hereditary reasons. Here are some of the most common medical problems among Golden Retrievers.

  • Skin allergies. This is the most common medical problem among Golden Retrievers. Skin allergy is usually due to allergens such as airborne pollen, dust, food, fleabites, mold and many others. Skin allergy symptoms may vary although the most common indications can include excessive scratching and licking in a particular area of his body and ear infections. Proper diet is important to avoid the occurrence of skin allergies in your Golden. Know what type of food and other factors that your dog might have an allergic reaction to and make sure that you keep your dog away from them as much as possible. It is also wise to consult with your veterinarian to lessen the chances of your Golden developing a skin allergy.
  • Epilepsy. This disorder, also known as seizures normally result from viral infection and other environmental factors. While epilepsy may not affect a Golden Retriever’s health, it has an adverse effect on breeding, however. Dogs with inaccessible seizures may be fit to breed although those with recurring seizures cannot be allowed to avoid the possibility of this disease to be passed on to the litter. Veterinarians can prescribe medicines that help control recurring seizures although these prescriptions may not be totally effective.
  • Hypothyroidism. This condition happens when there is too low production of thyroid glands. Golden Retrievers that are affected with hypothyroidism usually have coat and weight problems (obesity). Hypothyroidism may cause a lack of or infertility that may hinder them from breeding properly. Hypothyroidism can be treated by giving your Golden oral supplements prescribed by your veterinarian regularly. Once treatment is successful, prognosis will start to appear normal and your dog’s condition will start to improve, granting that there are no other medical problems involved. Some Golden Retrievers with hypothyroidism may also experience seizures, although it can be stopped once your Golden will go on oral treatments. Hypothyroidism is not necessarily linked with epilepsy; but you should still keep an eye on your Golden just to be safe. Visiting your veterinarian regularly can eliminate the possibilities of your Golden coming down with seizures.

While medical problems may be usual among Golden Retrievers, these can be prevented by making sure that your dog is healthy. Taking good care of your dog can greatly spare you from the worries of him getting medical problems.