Your Golden Retriever may experience some common health problems from time to time. Common health problems in your Golden are but normal and as long as you know some prevention and treatment measures, these health problems will not get anything serious. Here are some common ailments in Golden Retrievers as well as ways in which you can prevent your canine friend from acquiring them. These diseases, when left untreated can pose adverse affects on his relationship with you as well as his performance and in some cases, may even be fatal.

  • Distemper virus. This is an airborne disease that when left untreated can pose a serious risk. Distemper virus can be prevented by giving your Golden Retriever three different vaccinations when he is between six and sixteen weeks old together with his annual regular booster shot. Symptoms include cough, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. If your Golden is experiencing any of these symptoms, take him to the veterinarian immediately.
  • Heartworms. This is one of the most common ailments among dog breeds. Heartworms can reach up to twelve inches in the arteries of the heart and lungs, which, when left untreated can decrease blood circulation, cause heart failure and may even lead to death. You can keep your Golden from getting heartworms with the right heartworm medicines.
  • Heatstroke. A heatstroke usually occurs during hot summer days. Preventing your dog from getting a heatstroke is easy by giving him lots of water and keeping him from overexposure to the sun. Also, give him enough rest and try not to exhaust him when you are out together on a hot day. Symptoms of heatstroke include panting or drooling, very fast pulse, dark gums, a glazed expression and even vomiting.
  • Hookworms. These result when your dog comes in direct contact with waste or other contaminated objects. Symptoms include weight loss, a dry coat, weakness and blood in the stool. To keep hookworms from attacking your dog, make sure to clean his dwelling area at all times and always keep him clean.
  • Rabies. Rabies is one of the most serious health problems that your Golden Retriever can acquire. It can have serious adverse effects on your dog’s nervous system. It can also be transmitted to humans and can be fatal to them if not treated. Dogs get rabies through a bite of another animal that is infected with the disease. To prevent your dog from becoming easily susceptible to rabies, it is advised that your dog get a rabies vaccination at least once a year. Symptoms of rabies include aggressive behavior, foaming at the mouth, seizure and even death.
  • Tapeworms. Tapeworms attack your dog’s stomach and these are normally caused by fleas. Tapeworm symptoms consist of diarrhea, weight loss and biting of the rectal area. Keeping your dog away from fleas is a simple way to prevent your dog from getting tapeworms. The veterinarian usually gives your dog oral medicine that immediately kills the tapeworms.

These are just a few of the most common health problems for Golden Retrievers. Your dog may experience other related ailments as well. Should any of all these symptoms occur to your dog, always consult your veterinarian right away and seek medical help. Your veterinarian can prescribe the right medicine to cure your dog’s disease. As a responsible dog owner, you should always make sure that your dog is in the pink of his health, away from certain diseases. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog. And happy dogs make happy owners.