According to Chihuahua asked questions, smallest dog breed in the world is Chihuahua and it is only natural toy breed. However no doubt Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. They are so small that even sometimes looks like tinny toys. This is the reason Chihuahua is call the smallest dog in the world. Teacup, tinny toy or pockets size are the funny names and terms which are associated with this dog breed. The weight of this smallest dog breed in the world is around 1.5 kg to 3 kg maximum. Chihuahua is just 8 to 9 inch in height and this smallest breed in the world is considered ideal for pets. For those people who are living in small apartments and cannot afford large size, this dog breed is just an ideal pet for them.

Chihuahua is basically taken from a Spanish word ‘Chihuahueño’ and is named for this because of Chihuahua State in Mexico. This breed is found in different sizes, shapes and colors and popular for their small size and best pets. The history of this smallest breed is puzzled and there are many theories about the origin of Chihuahua. The archeological findings and folks tell that this breed is basically from Mexico. A theory about origin of Chihuahua tells that they have been descended from a Mexican dog breed Te chichi. But there is no records of Te chichi before 9th century to support Chihuahua. There are no historical back grounds before 9th century, because it has been approximated that this major signs were found after 15th century.

A theory tells about Chihuahua as smallest dog breed in the world relating to Mediterranean Island Malta. In many European paintings after 15th century, it has proved the facts that Chihuahua shape resembling dogs were found that time. This is not evident that these dogs in painting are Chihuahua but they resemble the same as this one regarding. One of the famous painting in which fresco with Sistine chapel and providing the evidence about this. Despite of the fact that Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, they have best personality and look.

Chihuahua - Smallest Dog Breed In The World

Chihuahua – Smallest Dog Breed In The World

This dog breed is fun loving and now how to make their master happy and laughing. Some cool effects about these dogs are that they are intelligent, agile, fast learners and also they win the dog competitions. To let them perform their best, if you ward or praise them they will show you how much funny and naughty they are. Considering the fact of their small size and being smallest breed, they can run inside small holes and escape from gaps in yards fencing. You will need to care for them and close all holes otherwise they are best for fast running and can enter in small holes in your home and cause any disturbance. In 1850, progenitor of this breed was found in Mexican state where this name was originated. The state borders between United States, New Mexico and Texas were the originating areas of this breed. Since from that time, this breed has become the smallest and popular pet across Unite states of America. During 1904, this breed was first recognized by American Kennel club.

Some cool facts about this breed tell about their small size as compared to their ancestors and Chihuahua temperament. Some reasons of their smallest size as compared to their ancestors are the introductions of miniaturized Chinese dogs. The height factor varies more for this breed and not specified fully. Only weight and description of this breed is given which differentiate it from other dogs’ breeds. Generally their height varies from 6 inch to 10 inches and those Chinese miniature which have been introduced here in US are small than the Mexican breed.



According to both UK and US standards of Kennel club, the weight of Chihuahua dog is not more than six pounds. Few Chihuahua dogs even grow as tall as 12 or 15 inches high. Chihuahua dog is much friendly, loving and must be referred if you are looking for best dog breed to keep for you. This dog breeds are also called tea cups but this term is used for much small dogs of 2-4 pounds which are hard to keep because of their health issues.