Small dogs are wonderful little creatures. They become a part of the lives of the family that brings them home and will love their owners almost with no end as long as just their basic needs are met. Small dogs are also full of affection and touch those around them with their cute antics and blissful simplicity. They make older people feel young again while making children feel more grown up. They instill tremendous lessons of responsibility while allowing others to feel the presence of a much needed companion.

With great fun; however, comes great needs and small dogs are not without these. They require a tremendous amount of upkeep and responsibility. They must eat and drink every day. They must be able to go for daily walks and they must be given daily attention for play and bonding. Small dogs are full of energy and need ways to expel this, not only for social development but also for health reasons as well. When they are sick, they must be given medical treatment such as vet visits and medicine.

If you want a new dog to bring into your family (and I’m glad you do), just make sure you’ve thought of everything it will entail. If you’re adopting a small dog, make sure it’s not for any of the following reasons:

  • Because you are lonely: Loneliness is a temporary problem whereas owning a dog is a long term commitment
  • Because you want to surprise someone on their birthday: Dogs should be picked by all owners together and not just chosen by one person. This will ensure that everyone is happy with their new pet. Remember, there are many small dog breeds to choose from
  • Because you want to teach your child how to be responsible: The primary caretaker of a dog should be an adult because children make mistakes and dogs deserve to have great care.