Pug puppies are adorable, playful animals but they aren’t for everyone. There are pros and cons of owning a pug.

When one sees a pug, it is natural to immediately want to take it home. But before one gets a pug puppy, whether, from a pug rescue or a pet store, there are a few pros and cons to consider.


Pugs are Mild Tempered

Pugs tend to be upbeat, happy creatures. They are always happiest when in the company of people and do not usually bite. They are excellent with children, just as long as children take care not to harm the puppy. Pugs have big personalities, but they are not mean dogs. They tend to be good around strangers and people in general.


Pugs, like most dogs, are loyal. But pugs go above and beyond loyal—they are frequently next to their human master. If one wants to own a pug, be prepared to see that pug all the time—pugs are known to follow their masters around for hours on end. They might get underfoot, but they are perfect companions for someone who wishes to have their puppy go with them all over the house.

Adorable and Loving

Who can resist a pug’s face? Pugs are very cute and loving. They are affectionate and love people. Some pugs are known to sneeze a lot which looks adorable. They love to snuggle up next to their owners before they decide to take a snooze. Pugs love to play with children as well.

Pugs - Adorable and Loving

Pugs – Adorable and Loving



Pugs tend to shed a lot, especially the fawn pugs. Pugs are also prone to having eye problems because their eyes are large and can protrude. Weight is a big issue for pugs as they like to eat. Pugs overeat and have to be watched for signs of weight gain. Because of their love of food, diabetes is a risk for pugs. Fortunately, pugs tend to have minimal health issues compared to many other breeds of dogs.


If one wants a dog that will obey their every command, a pug is not that kind of dog. Pugs are notoriously stubborn and because of this, they tend to be difficult to housebreak. Pugs also will refuse to obey their masters if they are not in the mood.


Whether this is a con or a virtue, pugs are indeed very lazy dogs. They are not the kind of dogs that love to go jogging with their owners. Keep in mind that some pugs are loud snorers. Some people, however, may find that having a puppy that sleeps a lot a relief.

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