The raw dog food diet is taking the world by a storm. If you are among those pet lovers wanting to find a way to feed your pets much better, you might have encountered this already. However, experts on both the pro and anti sides seem to have good points for allowing or disallowing this for dogs. So if you are a pet lover who would want to discover the reality behind feeding your beloved pet with this kind of diet, read the rest of this article then.

Knowing the Effects of Raw Diet

Experts who swear by the positive effects of feeding raw dog food say that canines are meant to be fed this way based from their natural instincts. They say that dogs used to feed like other carnivorous animals in the wild, preying upon their meal and then eating them raw soon as they catch the said prey.

But those who support the claims of raw dog food diet counter that domesticated pets may not have the capacity to digest raw food. They might have yet to have the enzymes necessary to break down this kind of food. It has also been argued that raw food is still fresh with bacteria that can harm the internal organs of dogs. Cooking kills these parasites effectively.

Aside from this, it’s also been argued that feeding raw bones to dog may more harm to them. The splinters that they crunch on might get straight into their digestive tract and end up becoming harmful in the process.

Raw Dog Food Diet

How To Implement Eating Raw for Pets

As experts take into consideration the many attacks being thrown the raw dog food diet, a number of pointers are now being introduced. Among them is the transition into eating raw. Since dogs who have been used to eating processed food might find the taste and texture of raw different, transition should happen within 5 to 7 days. The age of the dog is also taken into consideration, keeping the older dogs free to keep their current diet and puppies as the most promising litter to feed raw food to.

In addition to this, pork meat is also not advised. Raw dog food diet strictly follows the beef and chicken meat as source or protein nutrients, among others. If you should also follow this type of feeding for your pets, you should care to choose meat for them that you would self would cook and eat. This would ensure that you are feeding them quality meats that must be stored in freezing temperatures as well.

Fruits are also highly encouraged to be fed among dogs. Fruits are easily digested anyway and are really healthy eaten raw than cooked. Meanwhile, a bit more care must be implemented when feeding dogs with raw vegetables. They should either be pureed or chopped into tinier bits so that the pets would find it easier to digest them. Dogs are generally carnivores and in the raw dog food diet regimen, they should be taken cared special care of when eating herbivorously.