After carefully selecting a reliable breeder, the next thing you might want to spend a whole lot of time thinking about is the type of puppy that you want. This may take you days, weeks, months and even more months before the litter is whelped. But this does not have to bother you much, as good things come to those who wait. If you are looking for a Golden Retriever puppy in particular, you can be able to compare well and carefully if your breeder has a few available litters.

There are some breeders that require you a deposit on your choice puppy especially if the litter has not yet reached a particular age. Usually, top, quality litters easily sell even before they reach seven weeks old. To increase your chances of getting a good puppy, you should get your breeder early; otherwise the good puppies may have already been sold by then.

When getting your puppy, it is but normal if the breeder happens to do the choosing for you. Breeders can give you the best puppy match because they have spent a good deal of time with the litter. Most good breeders usually spend quite some time with the puppies so they would know the temperaments of each of them. The better breeders, on the other hand, do tests to see the temperament of the litter.

You can also ask your breeder to allow you to choose the puppy yourself. To make sure that you are selecting wisely, try taking a puppy of your choice away from the litter and observe how each one among the litter reacts to you. Puppies that are about seven weeks old should already be keen on their surroundings although they may be initially be a bit cautious.

Also, trying talking to the puppies that you are interested in and check out how they respond to your voice. You can also move around and play with them as well to see how they respond to you. While some puppies may be more keen and faster than the others, you might want to skip the puppies that do not show any interest in moving objects or when you try to get their attention.

Performing temperament tests allow the breeders to get assistance in choosing the right puppy for a prospective owner. It would be best to leave the task of selecting the right puppy to the better breeder since s/he has a know-how of which puppy is the right one for you.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

You might be easily captivated by Golden Retrievers’ adorable physical appeal, but you should not just base your choice primarily because of its looks. Make sure that the Golden puppy you are going to pick is strong and healthy, with strong build and straight legs. Ideally, it should be lean and muscular but is active and playful at first look. Also, it should have strong and healthy set of teeth. Simply put, your Golden Retriever puppy should not only be physically appealing but should also be physically fit as well.

There is no need to rush when choosing your Golden Retriever puppy. By taking your time well and carefully evaluating which puppy is best for you, you can be sure you’re your time and patience will be all worth it. Golden Retriever puppies are excellent to have as pets in your home, so go for the best.