With so many food options for your dog, it can be a little overwhelming at times.  It’s kind of like the feeling you get standing in the wine isle or in the nutritional supplement section.  So many options.  Which one is better.  Why can’t there just be one … the best one? Well, having choice is both a blessing and a frustration.  So it is up to us to find the best product for our pets. 

Dog Food Options

Having choice requires us to become educated.  It also allows us to have options for our pets who suffer from disease, illness or even for our high energy working and performance pets.  There are many choices in our options of dog food because there are so many differing needs in our dogs.

Why Feed a Raw Diet?

Raw diets are just one of the many options we have for our dogs.  So why consider raw? 

Raw is something that you can make at home.  It takes a little bit of homework to figure out what to feed the dog and how much to feed your dogs, but the payout is that you know exactly what your dogs are eating.  There are some legitimate concerns surrounding commercial foods as there have been multiple food recalls over the past couple years.

Benefits to Feeding Raw

  1. You know exactly what your dog is eating
  2. If your dog has food allergies, it can be easier to eliminate the allergens from their diet
  3. Less waste as you will have eliminated “fillers” from their diet
  4. There are premade raw food options available from select dog food stores so you don’t have to make it yourself
  5. Dogs seem to like it

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Possible Negatives to Feeding Raw

  1. Don’t provide your dogs with enough nutrients
  2. Don’t prepare your dogs digestive system for the change in diet
  3. Don’t follow proper handling techniques of raw material
  4. Cost
  5. Time consuming to make

There are many quality books available on feeding your dog a raw diet if you feel this is the path you would like to take.  Even if you opt to purchase a premade variety of raw food, I recommend you become educated on the topic so you know your dog is getting all the nutrients they need. 

Dog food is a hot topic right now.  The food recalls make us afraid and leary of commercial foods.  The internet educates us on options and everyone seems to have an option about what to do.  Ultimately, you need to educate yourself and determine what is best for your particular dogs and what you can reasonably afford.  Even switching to healthier treats will benefit your puppy.

Always keep your veterinarian informed of your food choice.  They can offer you suggestions and help you determine if your dog is thriving on their current food.

Please consider sharing your thoughts on raw food – Do you feed raw?  What do you feed?  Your experience with different kind of food.