Raising a healthy dog requires basic knowledge of canine anatomy and senses. You’ll want to know what a healthy dog looks like so you’ll know when it’s time to bring in a professional. With some basic knowledge you can decide whether to treat a condition yourself or consult a veterinarian.

Health Maintenance

Even when a dog is healthy, maintaining that state takes work on your part. Regular vaccinations and dental care are necessary for keeping a dog healthy. Proper canine nutrition, knowing how much sleep a dog needs and knowing what foods and other substances might be harmful to your pet can help you save a dog’s life.

Spaying and Neutering

Most vets recommend that you spay or neuter your dog if you’re not a breeder or don’t want to deal with a pregnancy. Your vet will explain the procedure and what follow-up care might be needed. These are routine procedures that vets perform daily. Make sure all of your questions are answered before the procedure.

Pregnancy in Dogs

However, if you’re a dog breeder or your dog happens to get pregnant you’ll need some specialized knowledge. Owners of pets who are not spayed or neutered should be able to identify the signs of pregnancy. Additionally, understanding prenatal care requirements and signs of complications in pregnancy will be essential.

Healthy Dog Topics

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