We can’t deny it: dogs will always love meat. But that’s actually a good thing because they need protein to grow and become strong. It’s no secret as well that they can eat anything they want as long as the owner is the one that gives it to them.

However, the kind of food we give them isn’t necessarily pure meat. In fact, the majority of commercial dog food brands we purchase in grocery stores and supermarkets have more carbohydrate content than protein.

But is there really a problem when it comes to pets getting more carbohydrates than protein, or should we stick with the old tradition of giving absolutely anything to our pets just to get them to enjoy eating in general?

For many owners, there’s little concern on what sort of food dogs should eat, but in reality, we should really give some seriousness thought to this issue because they’re practically just like us: they need to be healthy as well.

It’s an established fact that wild dogs eat more meat than domesticated ones. This is because wolves, foxes, and other dog types are born to be that way: meat eaters. However, pet dogs that we come to love and that live with us in our domestication are mostly fed with processed dog food we buy from stores.

The purpose of which is of course to give them a complete nutritional balance composed of not just meat protein but also carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Grain Free Dog Food

While meat is usually contained in most cans of commercial dog food, the same can is also packed with carbohydrate-rich ingredients such as grains. Grains include rice and corn, and they are used as fillers. The purpose of putting them in dog food is in order to provide an inexpensive remedy for dog food makers.

As such, a dog food brand with grain fillers is likely cheaper compared to whole meat varieties.

However, much has been asked about dog food with grains and whether they have low nutritional value for dogs. But the question is: is it really true?

Anyway, the best grain free dog food is ideal but it is also a lot more expensive than the regular types with grain fillers. Not many people realize that settling for grain free dog food is actually more practical in the sense that you don’t need to put in as much food in the dog’s plate or bowl compared to regular dog food. It also means that by feeding the pet a smaller amount of grain free dog food, it will become more full and satisfied and not need so much.

So if you decide to switch food, go for the best grain free dog food you can find for your buddy. It’s important to understand that there are several options to choose from. For instance, there is a combination of potato and vegetables.

This kind is one of the most popular in stores today and it is also readily available. There’s also a frozen dried grain free dog food which needs water to be added to the pellets or nuggets. Overall, a grain free dog food is simply much better and healthier for your dog and you get to ensure you’re not denying your buddy the essential nutrients it needs.