Yorkies are wonderful friends and companions, but your Yorkie puppy has a lot to learn. It is essential that you puppy proof your house before your Yorkie arrives. A puppy does not automatically know what is safe and what isn’t, nor does it immediately understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not. There will be lots of fun and play, but there will be lots of teaching and training as well. Some of your preparations are for the puppy’s protection, and some are for the protection of your household furnishings.

Puppy Safety

When you puppy proof your house before your Yorkie arrives, you need to focus on things that pose hazards. As with small children, the inquisitive nature of the puppy will lead it to investigate everything. Make sure that toxic chemicals and cleaners are secured out of puppy’s reach. Additionally, recognize that food will be an attraction to a puppy, and that human food isn’t puppy food. Keep human foods out of puppy’s reach.

Household hazards such as stairs, unstable furniture or knick knacks, and cords can be a source of danger to your Yorkie. Do a puppy’s eye inspection of all areas within reach of the Yorkie. Install child guards and gates to limit access to areas that aren’t puppy proofed.

Protecting Furnishings

Limited access is just as important for protecting areas of your home from chewing, biting, and accidents. Again, use child gates to help puppy proof your home before your Yorkie arrives, by creating a smaller area for times when supervision isn’t available. This helps you to avoid unexpected damages, and helps you to define acceptable territories, as well.

Yorkies are cute, fun, and friendly. Yorkie puppies are curious, and ready to play and explore. Protect your Yorkie through preliminary puppy proofing.