Getting your dog house-trained does not happen in 24 hours. Your little doggie would have aged a few months before the training’s completion. Pups spend some time getting used to being up and about on their own. Bowel and bladder control is not inherent in canines; young pups can’t hold it as long as the adults. You’d need to know how to passively train your pup because you can’t be there to watch him 24/7.

While You Were Not In.

Paper training is the most sensible way to ensure continued house-training without your constant monitoring. Here are useful pieces of information to help you do it:

  • Choose a room to be your puppy’s day home. When you’re leaving for work and would be gone until evening, bring your pet into the room and lock him in. Lay papers on the floor to cover the whole area. Make sure he has all he needs with him in the room – food, toys, bed, water.
  • Initially, you’ll be cleaning after your pet a lot as he will soil the entire room. Have a huge supply of patience when you come home. Go through the rounds of cleaning up and laying new sheets of paper in the puppy room.After some time, your pet will eliminate only at a specific spot on the papered floor. When your dog’s preference becomes obvious, you can start removing papers from the floor.
  • Take away the farthest of the paper carpeting pieces first. Move forward an inch daily, removing the paper carpeting as you go toward your pet’s obvious elimination preference. In time, leaving a few sheets on the floor will suffice. You’ll know you’re moving too fast when your puppy soils the area beyond where the papers lie. Line more paper back the next day so that you again leave your pet with a wider spot to eliminate on. Down to one or two sheets with your pet pooping reliably on the sheets, you can start working toward moving his deposit spot to where you prefer it.
  • Deliberately push the sheet toward where you’d want your the pup to defecate. Push it forward a little every day, similar to when you were reducing the papering on the floor. You know you’re moving too fast too soon when poop winds up outside the papered area; move it back to where your pup pooped on it previously. Continue with the exercise until you have it where you want it and your pup only poops on the piece of paper you leave him with.

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Accidents Typically Happen.

House training a dog requires an infinite supply of patience. Don’t let it pull you down when your pup seems to be relapsing to old habits after some progress. Go back to laying pieces of paper on a wider area.