Choosing foods to make up your Yorkie’s diet plan is an easy but vital task. It’s easy because Yorkies practically eat similar foods that other dogs eat; it’s vital because the diet plan you put your Yorkie on can either please or upset your Yorkie’s tummy.

The safest bet is to continue the diet plan that the previous owner used. If it’s too expensive to maintain, start your own. Properly feed your Yorkie by putting it on a diet plan that’s well-balanced and nutritional. Note: At different ages, Yorkies eat differently.

Therefore, if you have more than one Yorkie that are not the same age, don’t use the same diet plan. Instead, make up a diet plan that’s appropriate for their age.

In general, however, properly feed your Yorkie dry foods that aren’t too small or too big. If you rather use wet foods, be sure not to overdo it. As for the amount of food to feed your Yorkie, one to two meals a day is more than enough. On the other hand, you don’t have to regulate how much your Yorkie eats. Yorkies in general are unlike other breeds; they will eat responsibly. This means that you don’t have to worry about your beloved Yorkie over or under eating. You can keep your Yorkie’s food bowl full and left out, making it accessible for your Yorkie to eat when and however much it wants.

In summary, properly feed your Yorkie a wholesome diet plan that fits within your budget.