There are health hazards associated with heartworms and hence it is important that you identify the right treatment for your pet so that they do not have to undergo the suffering and anguish related to the ailment. Preventative dog heartworm medicine can be found in three methods of administration, and when administered properly, they will guarantee that your dog is no longer at risk for heartworm disease.

Read on to find out more about the best dog heartworm medicine choices for your dog.

Dog heartworm injection – Healthcare scares have made this option to be the least favored option in North America. As well, they must be given once every year, and even once every six months by a qualified veterinarian. If you want to use this method of heartworm prevention, then speak with a veterinarian about further details, as they will recommend how often you need to get the injection done.

Nowadays, the pills form of treatment is becoming increasingly successful. Administering oral drugs is easier than injections as they are easy and conveniently given every day. The pills help in destroying the parasites and larva which grow within the dog’s body to mosquito bites and enters the blood system but the effect of the pills stays for quite some time.

Topical treatments – Topical on the spot treatments have also grown in popularity especially for pet owners whose pets are infected with fleas as they are often used coincidentally to kill off fleas. The treatment is simple and uncomplicated as you only have to apply the lotion or cream without having to go through the grueling task of administering injections or medicines.

Ointments, creams are quite effectual in treating dog heartworm medicine.