Before the exciting day when you bring your Yorkshire Terrier puppy home you need to ensure you are fully prepared for all of their needs, please see below a checklist of essentials:

Puppy Proofing Your Home

This is essential to ensure the health and well being of your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy – you home needs to be as safe and secure as possible before the puppy enters your home. Puppy proofing requires the the home to secured and any dangerous items locked away such as fertilizer, household chemicals etc. The same applies to any electrical cords or sharp objects. Swimming pools must be kept out of bounds and a fence may be erected to ensure a safe place to play.

Meeting The Yorkshire Terrier Breeder

Its really important you purchase your Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder, the ‘questions you should ask the breeder’ section below should give you a good idea of whether they are reputable or not, if they can not answer the questions or the answers are not met to your satisfaction then walk away. Puppies bred by inexperienced or non-breeder are put at risk of many health complications such as hyp problems, heart conditions and eye problems. They are also susceptible to inherited diseases – reputable breeder will have their dogs evaluated and tested before breeding whereas non-breeder may see this as an unnecessary expense.

Questions to Ask The Breeder:

  • What are the sizes of the puppy’s parents? This will give you a very good idea of how big your puppy will be and you can decide whether that is right for you.
  • Meet the parents. Ask to meet the puppies mum and dad, this is an ideal opportunity to evaluate their health and well being as well as their personality – do you really want an aggressive dog?
  • Is the puppy social? Its a great idea to ask whether the puppy has been around other dogs or people – if they have then they should have the best chance of adjusting well in a family home.
  • Has he had his vaccinations? Its essential to check what vaccines the puppy has had to date, if any. If not then ask why.
  • Has he been wormed? Puppies are born with worms and will need deworming treatment – a reptuable breeder will know this.
  • Have any puppies in the litter been sick? If the answer is yes, then what were the signs, diagnosis and treatment?
  • Have any of the puppies in the litter been sick? If so, what were the signs, the diagnosis and treatment?
  • Recommendations. Its always a good idea to ask the breed for 2 or 3 reference, call them and ask whether they had a good experience and if they were happy with their puppies.
  • What is the puppy being fed? Regardless of what they are being fed its a good idea to continue with the same food for the first few days, a sharp change in diet can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances.