There are many dog foods that you can give to your dog and some of them are premium dog food. We don’t have to worry about the nutrition on premium quality dog food because the nutrition is always fantastic. You can also give your dog with premium grain free dog food for your sensitive dog.

Premium quality for dog food it is really good when we give it to our dog. The nutrition on premium dog food usually has best quality. Some of premium quality can make our dog keep active, the fur is so soft and the weight is so well. To give our dog with premium food of course you have to know about the nutrition first. We have some premium foods review and it could be your reference. So, here they are;


Acana is one of popular dog food with premium quality. Acana has rich protein and less carbohydrate. It is not only that, it is also has 60% free run poultry and freshwater fish and heritage meats. You can choose the best one to feed your dog. If you are choosing Acana Freshwater Fish you will get nourishing fish protein and oils. The ingredients of this dog food such as rainbow trout, whole catfish, catfish meal, catfish oil, mackerel meal, cod meal, chickpeas, natural fish flavor, red lentils, whole pumpkin, zinc chelate, vitamin E and many more.

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack uses proteins, fats and carbohydrate then combined with antioxidant support and omega fatty acids for the nutrition balancing. This dog food is also has some dog food type like canned dog food, dry puppy formula and dry adult formula. On dry adult formula you can find 6 variants like Original Adult Lamb Meal & Brown Rice, Original Chicken Meal & Pork Meal, Reduced Fat Adult, Large & Giant Breed Adult, Small Breed Chicken Meal & Pork Meal and Power Adult. The ingredients of this dog food like beef, chicken, chicken meal, chicken liver, anchovy & sardine meal, lamb meal, dried egg product, pork meal, turkey, lamb liver, barley, peas, tomato pomace, vitamins and minerals.

Stella & Chewy’s

This dog food is one of awesome brands because the ingredients made from premium ingredients. Stella & Chewy’s dog dinner is really recommended for your dog because this dog food can make our dog’s teeth and gums healthy, have great stamina and vitality, relief from certain allergic, improved appetite and digestion, vibrant skin and coat. The ingredients of this dog food like 90-95% meat, 100% organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed, cage free. Stella & Chewy’s uses frozen and freeze food type.

Premium Dog Food

Premium Dog Food

Looking for dog food which has premium quality is not difficult actually. Every people in the world are known that something has premium quality it must be have expensive price. The dog food which has premium quality is not only has expensive price but it also has good nutrition for our dog.