The gluten-free trend has been making its way into the diets of millions of Americans. Month by month, more people are turning to gluten free and grain free meals, piling up the proteins, healthy fats, fruits and veggies and eliminating anything that contains gluten on the quest to a healthier, stronger lifestyle. Starting from the inside out is a great way to begin feeling great, eliminate that daily sluggish feeling and incorporate more natural and healthful foods. And now it’s even possible to do the same for our beloved pit bulls.

Many pet owners are buying grain free foods for their dogs, and pit bulls can benefit from the grain free diet as well.

What is gluten? And what is gluten-free?

First off, let’s get to know gluten. It’s a plant-based protein that is typically found in grains. So when going gluten-free, it typically means eliminating all grains such as cereals, oats, barley, wheat and rye. So by eliminating these grains for your dog’s diet, it will be successfully eating gluten-free meals. In order to choose gluten-free foods, look for “grain free” or “gluten free” labels on the packaging. While the labels on foods for human consumption will usually say “gluten-free,” a commercial brand dog food will most likely say “grain free.” You can consider the terms interchangeable.

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Should my pit bull eat gluten free foods only?

Gluten free foods are made for those suffering from celiac disease. This means their digestive system cannot accept gluten at all. This is true for both humans and dogs. However, only a very small portion of the population are celiacs. Gluten intolerance affects more, both humans and dogs, but this intolerance just leads to bloating and things amongst that nature. However, having said that, pit bulls do not need gluten nor do they need daily intake of grains. While humans may love a bowl of cereal, sandwich bread, and many other foods made with grains and wheat, dogs do not need it. Pit bulls need meals high in animal protein and animal fats. So by incorporating gluten free foods into your pit bull’s diet, it’ll ensure that it is getting the proper nutrition it needs to grow and remain healthy and active.

What are the best gluten free dog foods?

Many commercial brands contain loads of ingredients that contain gluten. This is because those low-quality grains make for great “fillers.” Gluten free dog food brands contain heartier carbohydrates such as potatoes and legumes. That is the type of carbohydrates your pit bull needs. A quality gluten free dog foods brand will have high quality ingredient proteins such as chicken, beef and fish plus a good amount of vegetables. Check out this Nutro Ultra Gluten Free dog food review or check out some of these other grain free brands.

A gluten free diet can be very beneficial to your pit bull but unless he cannot stomach gluten, it is not necessary. Choosing high quality brands of dog food without chemicals and additives in the ingredients list will make for a healthy and happy pit bull just as much.