For some party, pet take some part of the heart. It is no longer pet, it is a companion. Thu, it is not surprising that people try their best to feed their dog. This sincere willingness often become source of confusion anytime they visit a pet hop to buy dog food.

Certain brand promises to keep dog’s fur shiny, other brand says they can lose some weight, while the other one say they can make dog’s eyes bright, others put certain label such as premium and natural to attract potential customers. Here are some guidelines to pick perfect food for your dog.

First, understand the needs of your dog. It is crucial to choose a brand that has suitable nutritional needs for your dog. Some dog foods have attractive packaging and nice advertisement, yet sometimes their nutrition did not meet with the need of our dog. Usually, the nice packaging dog food is aim to attract the owner not to fulfill the needs of the dog. Remember, it’s your dog who needs the food not you.

Second, understand the meaning of the label. Make sure that you understand the label sticks in the package of the dog food. When a brand says that their product is “all-beef”, it must be made of minimum 95% beef. If a brand states that it is “beef-dinner”, it contains at least 25% beef. While the label “With Beef” means that the product contains 3% of beef. Moreover, “beef-flavored” label only needs a detectable amount of flavor to make the label sticks in it.

Third, consult to a veterinarian. This is only happen if you think that your dog has problem with his digestive system or get minimum nutrition from its previous dog food. Considering many things the vet will give you a suggestion what kind of food your dog needs and the quantities of feeding.  Fourth, talk to a pet shop worker. Those who work in a pet shop usually have the same care and interest in keeping animal. Therefore, spending time to talk to them is worth doing. You may ask them what brand you should buy or which vet you should visit. They might be not able to recommend a brand or name of vet, but they usually have another name whom you can ask.

Now, that you know the tips to pick the best food for our dog, make sure you will not make mistake in choosing the best nutrition for our furry companion.