Even with their short hair, Pitbulls are known to shed large quantities of hair in specific times of the year. If you let you Pit come inside the house, this can mean a ton of hair in your furniture, carpet and clothes. So if you are going to let your dog inside, a good pet hair vacuum is pretty much a necessity. But how can you pick the best vacuum for dog hair for your specific needs? In this article we’ll address the most important aspects you need to take into account:

Choosing The Best Vacuum for Dog Hair – Vacuum Types

The first thing you need to consider before purchasing a pet hair vacuum is the vacuum type. Basically you have 3 options: upright vacuums, canister vacuums and robotic vacuums.

Upright vacuums are the right pick if your house has only one floor and your dogs don’t hop on your sofas and couches. Another advantage of the upright vacuum is that is doesn’t tax the back, which is a consideration in case you have lumbar discomfort.

If your house has stairs (specially if they are carpeted) and your dogs have the habit of climbing on your furniture, an upright vacuum probably won’t be the best option. Upright vacuums are hard to maneuver on stairs and are just not practical to use with furniture. If this describes your situation you’ll need a canister vacuum to really get the hair off those deep corners of your furniture and stair steps.

Finally, you also have the option of getting a robotic vacuum, but in our opinion, a robotic model is not the best vacuum for pet hair you can pick. Unless your dog is very well trained, there’s the chance an appliance such as a robotic vacuum will be viewed as a toy, and if you have a Pitbull, you probably already know that they are pretty rough with their toys… Simply put, if you buy a robotic vacuum and you have dogs around when it’s functioning, you’ll probably need to make sure to not let the dogs alone with it.

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High Suction Strength and Powerful Roller Brushes – Two MUST HAVE Features

Finally, lets address two features that every vacuum meant to be used to remove dog hair MUST have: suction strength and heavy duty rollers.

Suction strength is key to make sure that every last bit of hair is successfully removed from surfaces made of fiber. Remember that dog hair, especially short one such as the Pitbull’s, tends to get trapped between the fibers of surfaces such as carpets, furniture tapestry and clothes. In order to remove it you’ll need a vacuum with enough suction power to force the hair out of this artificial “trap” the fibers create.

However, the best hair vacuum for dog hair can’t be considered the best without a good set of heavy duty rollers. Sometimes the hair is stuck so deep within the fibers (a common occurrence in thick fiber surfaces such as wool clothes and berber carpets) that suction power alone is not enough. In these cases, the rollers will loosen up and release the dog hairs from the carpet so that the vacuum’s suction can finish up the job.