There has been a lot of news lately of pet food recalls.  While we typically hear about the larger recalls on the daily news or through the FDA’s website, smaller scale recalls typically won’t reach that medium.  Signing up for alerts will help you keep informed.  If your dog is eating a recalled product, it’s critical to change their food as quickly as possible.

To set up your own Google Alert program, follow these 3 simple steps.  It could very well save your pets life.  These search tips can also be used to set up a Google Alert for any product.

To Start Your Google Alert Search

Go to If you have trouble bringing this up, break it down and go to then search google alerts and that will bring you to

Enter The Topic You Want To Search

Now you will need to choose your specific alert:

  • Search Terms:  When you creat a Google Alert, you can be very specific or more general by how your word the search terms.  You can search all dog food recalls or you can search just the brand of food you feed your dog.

If you just enter Pet Food Recall, it will bring anything to do with all 3 of these words (e.g. Dog Food, Food Recall).  To just get Dog Food Recall, put quotations around the phrase – “Dog Food Recall”.

If you are entering your specific brand of dog food, grab a bag and take note of the full name of the food and the particular brand you are feeding (e.g. “ Orijen Senior Formula”).

  • Type of Search:  I use Comprehensive
  • How Often: how often you want the alerts sent to you can be “as-it-happens” (my preference so I can know as quickly as possible), “once a day” or “once a week”
  • Email length: this can be up to 25 or 50 alerts
  • Your Email: Enter the email address you want the alerts to be sent to
  • Hit the Create Alert button
  • NOTE:  You will not receive Google Alerts until you click the link in the verification email to confirm your request

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Watch For Email Alerts

Google Alerts will send you an email everytime an announcement is made that matches your search terms.  The email will include a link to the company page associated with the recall and also the lot number/s for the particular bag/s of food being recalled.

If you empty your food into a different container, be sure to keep the bag or cut out the lot number.  The lot number can usually be found near the UPC code and “best by” date.  Once the dog has finished eating that bag, repeat the same process with the next.  This information will also be needed to get your refund/replacement bag from the store where the food was purchased.

Read the alerts when the come.  Take swift action.  Your dog’s life depends on it!