While you may like nothing better than cuddling up with your new Yorkie puppy it’s essential that you start thinking about obedience training for yorkies as soon as they have settled in your home. Many people will take their new puppy to dedicated dog obedience schools where certified trainers will help teach both you and your Yorkshire Terrier the skills required for a happy and healthy relationship. Unfortunately dog obedience schools can be expensive with classes costing tens or even hundreds of dollars. If you don’t want to spend that much then hopefully our free tips on dog obedience training will help.

How to Start Obedience Training for Dogs

Dog training is a two way street, your dog will learn new commands and tricks quickly only if you are prepared to put in the effort as well. It can take patience and a calm attitude to training a dog effectively and you need to learn how to deliver commands in a strong, clear manner. Too much punishment does not help your Yorkies obedience either so try not to get angry even if they are disobeying you.

  • LeadershipEffective obedience training for dogs starts once you assume leadership of the pack, your dog needs to be sure you are the “Alpha Dog” in the household. Dominance does not have to mean shouting or smacking but you do need to take control and once this happens you will find your dog is much more responsive to commands.
  • Important Commands – There are four main behaviors that form the cornerstone of any obedience training for dogs. These are “Sit”, “Stay”, “Heel” and “Down” and once you have practiced these it can make for a very obedient Yorkshire terrier even if you did not try to do any more advanced tricks.
  • Barking and Biting – These behaviors can quickly get out of hand if not dealt with properly and as your Yorkie grows older that can become more pronounced. Frequent training will help but it may require the assistance of a specialized dog obedience trainer to fully solve.
  • Walking to HeelIf your dog is pulling you all over the place then it’s not just a behavior issue but it could be endangering your dogs safety! Good obedience training for dogs will always focus time on teaching your pet to walk to heel. Combined with “sit and “stay” commands you can the confidence that your dog will not be running off onto the road or getting its self into trouble.

Even if it’s only the basic commands obedience training for dogs is an important aspect of Yorkie ownership. Training at home by yourself is effective but if you are having problems with specific bad behaviours or even just want to socialise with other Yorkie owners then an obedience class may be just what you are looking for.