Has your Maltese dog been diagnosed with diarrhea, and you are worried to get him the best dog diarrhea treatment so that he recovers quickly. Well, you are thinking in the right lines as diarrhea is a common problem that bears the potential to dehydrate your pet severely.

You are aware of the fact it is a serious issue, but you are also skeptical about paying a visit to the veterinarian only to pay hefty charges for an easy solution. Well, your thoughts are on the right track. It is not necessary that dog diarrhea treatment is only effective if it is in the form of medications. There is a myriad of natural treatment methods that can be applied to your dog right away and make him better.

Below is a list with some effective ways of natural dog diarrhea treatment:


In most of the cases, diarrhea is a natural method adopted by the body to get rid of the harmful or bad food ingredients present in the body system. The first dog diarrhea treatment for you to apply is to make your dog go on fasting for the next twenty four hours in order to expel from the body the substance which has triggered diarrhea.

The gastro intestinal tract shall get ample of time to rest as well as recover. If the pet feels like eating something then serve him a small quantity of dry dog kibble and check the reaction of his system. If his system functions smoothly, you may allow him to hog on some more.

Lots of Water

Diarrhea is known to cause dehydration. As the ingested food particles causing harm to the system is flushed out of the body system, less water is absorbed in the lower intestine and giving way to severe dehydration.

So it is very important to make sure that the Maltese dog consumes large quantities of water during fasting as well as after it. Keep a large bowl of fresh and clean water and encourage your dog to drink water in regular intervals so that he is hydrated.

Switch To a Bland Diet

Once the twenty four hours elapse, and you can see slight signs of improvement then the next dog diarrhea treatment you should apply is to switch over to a bland diet. The bland food items should be fed to him in small quantities in a gap of four to five hours.

The options of bland food items that you may serve to your dog are cooked rice with boiled and boneless chicken, a thin soup of vegetables, plain rice with meat, scrambled or boiled egg, baked or boiled potato, boiled chicken or turkey, etc. Assure not to add oil, butter, seasoning, etc in his food for the next four to six days and increase the quantity of the servings gradually.

Canned and pureed pumpkin is also known to be an effective dog diarrhea treatment. Pumpkin is known to work amazingly for diarrhea problem in Maltese dogs. Assure that the canned pumpkin does not contain any added preservatives or sugar. Do not worry for change in color of the stool as pumpkin is known to do this.

If the diarrhea has been caused due to ingested food particles causing trouble to the body system then the problem of diarrhea shall subside in the next thirty six to forty eight hours. However, if you find that the situation is no better and the ailment has not been cured then the ailment must have been caused due to the entrance of parasites or worms in the body and you resort to veterinarian for dog diarrhea treatment.