Many dog lovers had been alarmed by the massive pet food recall due to suspected mixture of white toxic gluten called melamine in most commercial dog foods in the market, this opened the eyes for many and more people begun looking into natural dog food. This poisoning allegedly caused renal failure to most pets examined who are believed to have consumed contaminated foods. Since them, owners have reverently searched for the best way to feed their dogs.

They researched on possible food alternatives that will be much better for their dog’s health. One popular option is providing natural dog food. These are dog foods that are still in its natural state. Organic and completely free from artificial additives such as food color or flavorings, these foods are said to be more beneficial to canines. There is minimum processing thus, antioxidants and food nutrients are retained.

Vitamins such as vitamins B, C and E are abundant giving your dog more benefits such as healthier skin, thicker and shinier coat, clearer eyes and cleaner teeth. Also dogs which seem to be limp begin to be more energetic and those that seem restless become more relaxed. It is an overall healthier condition.

If you started out feeding your dog processed dog foods, it will be much better if you consult your veterinarian first. There are some things that you need to consider before doing the switch. Your dog’s breed is a very important factor in determining the most appropriate natural dog food diet for him. Northern breeds such as Huskies and American Eskimo dogs will do better with high-fat diet like seals, fish or whale meat and will do poorly with poultry.

Homemade Natural Dog Food

On the other hand, German breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman, Dachshunds and Yorkshire Terriers do best with beef or lamb and oats or barley for source of starch. Some of them have shorter colons and so they need specific meat and fibrous vegetables to avoid fatal bloats and gas accumulation in their stomach. Aside from their breed, other identifiers of diet options are their age, energy level and health condition. Some of them may have liver diseases making them more sensitive when it comes to their diet. It is very important to assess your dog’s health before doing any changes and moreover always do it gradually to avoid any allergic reactions.

Apart from visiting the doctor, it will be advisable to personally research on food ingredients that may be poisonous to your dog so you can completely avoid them.  Some food ingredients common on human dishes may not be advisable for your dog to eat. Consider onion or leeks, these are very common in our food but did you know that this can be very harmful to your dog especially when taken in large amounts?

Onion contains a certain chemical that may weaken your dog’s red blood cells. Grapes and any alcoholic drink may also weaken your dogs. Chocolate, which is actually considered one of humans’ favorites, can also be fatal to dogs when taken in large amounts.

As you can see, feeding dogs with natural dog food may not be easy, but with adequate knowledge you will surely be able to do it properly to provide your dog the best care you can give.