You may well find out at times your dog won’t eat, this lack of appetite can be indicative of many things running from a extreme bloating condition, organ malfunction or just a mildly upset tummy, but how can you deduce the difference? If you are in any doubt, or are increasingly anxious a trip to the vet should not be ruled out. Nevertheless, generally speaking the cause for concern may easily be determined by observing the dog and how he behaves in his environment.

Small Dogs

If perhaps you have a small dog then don’t be dismayed if the dog does not eat eagerly, it is quite typical for the smaller ones to turn down food as they burn less energy day to day due to having smaller bones, muscles and organs as in contrast to a larger dog, even-though, to double check that the dog won’t eat because he is purely not hungry, trying supplying him a new variety of food that otherwise he wouldn’t have eaten, an example might be boiled chicken, or a different brand of dog product. Offer it to your dog and if there isn’t a hint of desire, then there could quite possibly be more to his lack of appetite than just his minuscule size.

Exceptionally small dogs, or toy dogs are quite capable of fasting for a small amount of days and have even been recognized to fast for so long that health problems appear. If your dog is a toy then allow for them skip one meal, and when the second arises lure them with something new, like boiled chicken or beef, if you even so find your dog won’t eat, then a trip to the vet is fairly sensible.

My Dog won’t Eat Dog Food

Warning signs of illness

Have you detected your dog showing other outlandish behaviors as well as the dog wont eat. There are several things you can potentially test for yourself and maintain a record of, such as measuring his heart rate and respiratory rate, even his temperature. If you keep a count on these then recognizing whether your dog wont eat because he is becoming a bit fussy or if there is some thing more to it.

Other ways to see if something is a matter with your dog is to inspect the white of your dogs eyes, if they are yellow or blood shot this may be a priority, other problems to look for are looking at your dogs urine, does it appear darker or lighter than ordinarily and is there any blood in his poo. If you have realized any of these symptoms then a trip to the vet is significant, other wise if your dog won’t eat he is just being a bit particular.