One of dog’s behaviors is jumping. It seems that dog loves doing this. Yet, some people feel that it is disturbing sometimes. Well, if you are included in that group of people, you should know something to stop your dog jumping to you. You can change its habit to be what you want. What you need is only to follow these following ways.

  1. Give No Permission

Your pet is like a human, too. It needs to be educated. You should show it about acceptable behavior and not acceptable one. Do it since the very first place. The older it is, the harder to teach it. Thus, you can’t give any permission for your dog to jump when it is still young. Don’t let them to make jumping as habit. It is gonna be hard to change when it has been older.

  1. Understand its Purpose

It is important for you to know that dog also needs your understanding. When it does something, it has meaning or at least reason. Thus, giving no permission should be followed by seeing what is really happening. Try to know what makes your dog jump. In addition, you should know to whom your dog always jumps. Is it to all people or just to you? It will help you to understand the purpose of his jumping.

  1. Give no response

There is one possible reason on why a dog likes jumping. It is because your dog wants attention. That is why, the best solution is to ignore him when he is jumping to you. When you give good response, your pet will make it as habit. He will learn that jumping is the best way to get your attention. Your dog will not repeat its habit when you always give no response. It will be tired

  1. Teach how to behave

The last way is to teach your dog on how it should behave. Your dog should learn to sit, to keep calm in front of people. It is important to avoid your dog from jumping to other people because some dogs are ‘naughty’ enough. They do the same thing towards the owner or even stranger.

Those are four ways that actually very basic. You should pay attention on every single detail. Another step may not work if you forget the main way.