Anyone who has had a dog in spring and fall can relate to this topic.

Wet Weather = A Muddy Dog

There is nothing worse than bringing the dog in for the night and you have to spend 20 minutes wiping off paws or washing feet so that there isn’t a paw print trail throughout your house. Ugh!

If your backyard is anything like mine, your dog will have created its own dirt paths no matter how hard you have tried to get them to stay on your man-made paths. Add rain to those paths and now you have a muddy dog slip and slide. Well, there are some ways you can make those paths not so muddy.

How To Eliminate Muddy Dog Feet

The best way I have found is to add a decomposable material to these paths.  Over time you will change the composition of the soil and you will end up with a natural path and no more mud.

What you add to the path is up to you but here are a few tried and tested materials that will get the job done. Dark brown mulch and lots of it seems to be the best. Wetting the material after laying it down helps to keep it in place and from sticking to your dog. Adding cedar shavings to this helps by giving you a natural air freshener. You can also use your leaves in the fall.  Instead of burning the leaves or throwing them away, you will help the environment and your muddy feet problem by applying these materials to your paths.

I hope these tips help you have a clean puppy paw day!