Miniature Schnauzers are perky, energetic dogs with an enjoyment of people of all ages, including children. They have fun playing and doing fun tasks and enjoy being with their owners.

Miniature Schnauzer Training

However, they require careful training; this breed falls prey to ‘Small Dog Syndrome’ and other bad behaviors without careful guidance. For example, they are bold enough to try to pick fights with larger dogs if they aren’t socialized to dogs and in a fight, they will generally come off the loser. Miniature Schnauzers also have to be socialized to cats and small children too. If they are well trained, they are friendly and fun loving, but if they are ill-trained or neglected, they can be vicious, nervous, and destructive.

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Miniature Schnauzer Grooming and Health

Miniature Schnauzers are generally healthy breeds, though they gain weight easily and so their food intake should be watched. They can also have eye problems and liver disorders. Miniature Schnauzers should be brushed regularly so that their coats don’t get matted. They can live to be about fifteen years of age and don’t show their age until near the end of their lives.

Miniature Schnauzers enjoy traveling and they enjoy new sights and sounds. They enjoy being the center of attention and love the affection given by humans. For this reason, they have to be loved, exercised, and well trained so that they, and you, can be happy together. If you feel you have the time and energy to commit to the Miniature Schnauzer, then you should get one for yourself and your family.

How to Groom a Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are adorable small dogs with a good temperament. They are popular show dogs because of their coats and their banded or salt and pepper coloring. However, their coat makes them quite tricky to groom, especially for people new to the idea of grooming their dog.

Miniature Schnauzers have a double coat; the outer layer is wiry and hard and the undercoat is softer. Furthermore, this breed of dog has a coat which, in order to maintain the correct appearance, requires a lot of combing, clipping and stripping in order to achieve the ideal appearance.

Miniature Schnauzers need to be both combed with a metal comb with very fine teeth and one with sharper teeth to comb both the overcoat and the undercoat. You’ll also want to use a brush and a slicker brush for daily brushing to keep your dog’s appearance looking nice every day, though certainly not show quality.

How to Groom a Miniature Schnauzer

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The Miniature Schnauzer needs Careful Clipping

The most important grooming needs of a Miniature Schnauzer though is the clipping aspect. Your Miniature Schnauzer has to be carefully clipped and if you intend to show your dog, you will have to hand strip and pluck your dog before the exhibition. You have to clip your Miniature Schnauzer starting at the skull and working against the grain of the coat. The lighter your touch is while clipping, the more hair will be left on your dog, so decide how long you want your dog’s coat to be beforehand. It’s also best to give your dog a quick wash before clipping; dirty hair is harder to cut than clean hair. It’s also easier to get rid of mats when the hair is wet. You also have to trim your dog’s beard and the fur around his paws routinely to prevent matting and keep the hair clean as these areas better attract dirt.

Professional Grooming your Miniature Schnauzer

If you intend to put up your Miniature Schnauzer for the show, then simply using electric clips will not be enough. Instead, you’ll have to use a stripping knife and plucking to get rid of long hairs and make sure your dog’s coloring and appearance is perfect. This is a long process and one which requires a lot of practice, but when done properly, you’ll have a very nicely groomed dog. If you are nervous about doing this properly, then take your dog to a professional groomer to have the work done for you, but be certain that the groomer is able to do the job right otherwise you probably won’t get what you want.

Miniature Schnauzers may not be easy to groom, but it’s well worth it as they are handsome dogs and they are also very friendly pets.

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