When most people think about Mange they probably think about the condition where the dog’s hair is falling out in patches. What most people do not realize is that there are two different types of Mange. One is called Demodectic Mange and the other is called Sarcoptic mange.

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Demodectic mange

Canine Demodectic mange, which is also known as Demodex mange, is the type of mange where the parasites live on the hair follicles of your dog. The parasites for Demodex mange are cigar shaped mites with eight legs. One of the symptoms of Demodex mange is that the dogs looses patches of their hair. There are two different types of Demodectic mange, Localized Demodectic mange and Generalized Demodectic mange.

Localized Demodectic mange is a condition where there are only a few bald spots. Generalized Demodectic Mange on the other had is an elevated condition where there are a great number of bald spots on the dog. Generalized Demodectic Mange can also lead into infections on the dog.

Sarcoptic mange

Sarcoptic mange, also called Scabies, is a condition where the mites burrows deep into the dogs skin. The symptoms of scabies are scaly, very itchy skin which is most noticeable in the face, ears, abdomen and elbows. Unlike Demodectic mange the parasites in sarcoptic mange have a more rounded shape. Scabies is very contiguous and is not only isolated to dogs

Treatment for Mange

Demodectic and Sarcoptic mange are treated a little differently. Both forms of mange are diagnosed by scraping the dogs skin and analyzing the tissue under a microscope. Demodectic mange is usually treated with a series of dippings. Dogs infected with Demodectic mange are dipped over a period of a few weeks until the problem is gone. The vet will usually do a skin scraping to verify the problem has been resolved. It is important to work with your vet so that you can insure that your dog’s health is restored.

Canine Scabies

Canine Scabies

Sarcoptic mange is usually treated by giving injections of a drug called Ivermectin. The Ivermectin injections are given once a week over the next several weeks. If your pet has a negative reaction to the medication then a special dip is used to treat the problem. There are also oral medications that can be given to your dog to treat the problem. Again, treatment for Sarcoptic mange like Demodectic mange should also be handled by your vet.