The Manchester Terrier is descended from the more generic black and tan terriers. They were bred to be superb ratters and keep rabbit populations down to boot. Manchesters are still quick and smart, but they don’t require the stringent training of other terriers; they are just as happy to lounge around and play small games with their owners as they are to go tearing across fields after rabbits. Manchesters are alert, observant, friendly, and able to discern between friends and strangers. They are protective, but not overly so, and enjoy doing just about anything with their owners. While not as long-lived as other terriers (generally they have a lifespan of ten to twelve years) they are healthy dogs. Manchesters do not do well with other pets and smaller children can make them snappish unless they are socialized from an early age to tolerate young children.

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Manchester Terrier – Excellent Ratter

The Manchester Terrier has a short, smooth and glossy coat which only comes in black with tan accents. They are very easy to care for grooming wise and usually just require some brushing. They are also easy to care for in other respects; they’re smart enough to train well.

Manchester Terrier – AKC Dog Breed Series

Manchester Terrier – Good Companions

Manchester Terriers make excellent ratters and hunters of other vermin, but they are also good companion dogs and can do well with only a daily walk rather than stringent exercise and stimulation. However, if you have space for your dog to run he’ll be even happier for it since even the calmest Manchester appreciates a good run. If you’re looking for a good fit for whatever your lifestyle may be, then you should look at the Manchester Terrier.

How to Groom a Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier is a cute black and tan terrier originally bred in Manchester. They have very short coats and so are extremely low maintenance so far as grooming is concerned. However, their short coat means that they have difficulty with extreme temperatures and succumb to chills and heat rashes easily. The Manchester Terrier though are easy to care for so far as their grooming requirements are concerned.

Manchester Terrier Grooming – Get Rid of Dead Hairs and Dirt

Manchester Terriers need to be brushed weekly with a slicker comb and/or curry brush. This gets rid of dead hairs and dirt. They don’t shed freely and so need the extra assistance in order to get rid of the dead hair that builds upon their coats. You can also use chamois in order to add a shine to their coat. The short coat also means that they rarely need to be bathed; generally the only time you’ll need to give this dog a bath is when they are gotten into something smelly. Use only canine appropriate shampoo for these times and be certain to thoroughly rinse it out as the dried soap will make the dog itchy and will look odd against his black and tan coat. Otherwise, you can simply rub your dog down regularly with a damp towel in order to get rid of any daily dirt and loose hair that brushing might miss.

Manchester Terrier Grooming - Get Rid of Dead Hairs and Dirt

Manchester Terrier Grooming – Get Rid of Dead Hairs and Dirt (source:

Clip Your Manchester Terrier’s Nails

Grooming a Manchester Terrier in other ways is just like any other dog. You have to brush his teeth regularly with canine toothpaste and a brush or finger brush from an early age. This gets him used to the idea of having his teeth brushed and makes him less likely to bite or fight back. A Manchester Terrier also needs to have his nails clipped every couple of weeks so that he’s comfortable and not wrecking the furniture. This can be a bit tricky as Manchesters have black nails and it’s impossible to see the quick; count on having a few accidents before you get a feel for where the nail ends.

Another good idea is to have plenty of treats on hand, especially while doing the nail clipping and if you’re not used to it yet. Check your Manchester Terrier’s ears weekly; they should be pink and you can use a cleaning solution to loosen ear wax and a cotton ball on the outer ear only. If you see anything odd, take your Manchester Terrier to the vet. Clean the corners of your dog’s eyes regularly in order to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

The Coat Largely Takes Care of Itself

Manchester Terriers are not difficult to learn how to groom. The dog’s short coat largely takes care of itself and mostly you’ll just need to do maintenance to help the coat help itself. Learning how to groom your Manchester Terrier should not be difficult. The hardest part will be learning how to cut the nails so that you don’t hit the quick. Most importantly, grooming your Manchester Terrier is enjoyable bonding time; something which this breed particularly appreciates as they enjoy being part of the family at all times!

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