Dogs can be affected by a number of pests, parasites, diseases and conditions. Knowing about the necessary vaccinations as well as how to manage such dog health issues,such as flea problems, parvo or kennel cough, is key to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

A Healthy Dog

Raising a healthy dog requires regular care and health maintenance. Besides the proper vaccinations and routine teeth cleanings, other decisions affect a dog’s health. Should you spay or neuter your dog? Should you breed your dog? Should you have dew claws removed? Your knowledge of various procedures will affect your decisions and your dog’s health.

Parasites and Pests

Another common issue is infections from parasites and pests. Eventually, your dog will face fleas, ticks, ear mites or worms. While all of these afflictions are fairly ordinary, preventive techniques and new treatment methods are reducing the severity of parasite and pest infections.

Diseases and Conditions

As a dog interacts with other dogs and gets older, the possibility of contracting an infectious disease or developing a condition increases. While Lyme disease and rabies can be managed or prevented through vaccinations, other conditions like arthritis and cancerous tumors in dogs aren’t necessarily curable. Such conditions require specific treatment and lifestyle changes for your dog.

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