When learning how to make dog food you should think that breeding dogs is like taking care of a baby. Though it may not require as much effort, it is equally important to give them the attention and regular care they need especially with their shelter and food.  We should not just treat them as pets but instead love them like a member of the family. And as we worry about what proper food to serve our loved ones, we should also take time considering what the best diet for our canines is.

You might be buying dog food in the grocery store with labels like “the healthiest food for your dogs” but the question is: are they really healthy? Are they safe? Remember the wide recall of dog food that happened? It was then reported that pet foods had been contaminated by melamin, a dangerous chemical that may cause renal failure to your dog. This is not to make you paranoid.

It is just to make you aware that it is always best to be aware of the things that may pose risk to your dog’s health. These commercial dog foods in the market are not always healthy as they may contain some preservatives which may not be good to your dog.  Imagine giving your baby junk foods for breakfast. Do you think that will give him all the vitamins and minerals he needs to grow into a healthy toddler? It is a big no! Now, consider this. If you really love your dog, you would not be giving it just any junk dog food in the market. Give him the best. How? Personally prepare it. It’s more practical as it is cheaper and you know what your dog really eats.

How to Make Dog Food at Home

These are few guidelines on how to make dog food for your four-footed best friend. Feeding your dog with fresh foods, (take note: not leftovers) give him the necessary nutrients he needs for powerful bones, healthy skin and fur, properly working organs, high stamina, resistance from parasites and a strong immune system.

However, it would be best to consult your vet first regarding the proper diet for your dog to avoid any harm. Put in mind that a specific dog breed may require a certain diet. A husky for instance may do better with a high-fat diet of fish while a Yorkshire Terrier would do best with lamb or beef.  You should also ask your pet doctor details on how to prepare a well-balanced meal for your dog.

Try searching online what specific ingredients may be harmful to your dog. There are some contents of human food that may be very safe for us humans but may be fatal for canines. Onion is a very common ingredient in our food but did you know that this may be poisonous to your pet as it may make them weak and anemic? Chocolate and grapes may not also be good to your dog.

You may feed your dog with raw food or you may cook them lightly so as to prevent the loss of nutrients.  These are just quick easy steps on how to make your dog’s life safer and healthier by learning how to make dog food!