The dachshund is dog breeds that were developed during the eighteenth centuries for hunting the badgers. Nowadays many people show interest in raising this dachshund dog. The first and foremost thing to know in raising a breed is leash training.

The first step in dachshund leash training is providing the breed a good and comfortable fitting collar or nylon. Using choker chains for these breeds should be avoided. During the initial stages of collar should be left around them only for a short time. After they get used to it the collar can be left around them permanently.

After the dachshund get used to the collar the puppy can be let to move in a place for some minutes by attaching a light leash to the collar. After that the leash should be removed. The puppy should get used to the leash gently and softly rather than getting fear about the leash. The dachshund leash training advocates that the puppy should be attached with the leash only for few minutes until it get used to it.

This should be repeated many times in a day. When the puppy gets used to the leash take it for little walk by leaving your puppy to the left side and holding the leash of it in your right hand. This is the initial position and when you start moving it is recommended to start with the left leg as it would pull out the leash slightly. If the puppy refuses to move or budge don’t drag the breed. After repeating the leash acceptance step the puppy can be taken for a little walk around your garden when it get used to it, the breed can be taken for a long walk.