The Lakeland Terrier is an English descended terrier bred for working, namely digging and hunting vermin. This breed of terrier, unlike other terriers, can actually kill foxes rather than simply dig them out or alert hunters to their presence. They are friendly and energetic which enjoy playing and exercising, especially agility training and playing fetch games.

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Lakeland Terrier – A Keen Student

They are also very alert and quickly learns to distinguish between friends and strangers; and will let you know if the latter is coming to call. They are also very brave and spirited, willing to stand up to anything that is perceived as a threat to itself or to the family. For this reason, they also make excellent watchdogs. They can be trusted with children but must be socialized to play well with other dogs.

Lakeland Terrier – AKC Dog Breed Series

The Lakeland Terrier – Very Adaptable

The Lakeland Terrier does well in any setting so long as they are exercised properly and allowed good physical and mental stimulation. Lakeland Terriers are not typically shy or aggressive, but rather confident, friendly, and brave.

Lakeland Terriers are tan and some other shade for patches (anything from black to liver and wheaton) in color generally and have hard wiry coats that if properly groomed will shed dirt and water. Their coats need to be hand stripped for shows and should be plucked anyway since clipping can irritate the dog’s skin.

The Lakeland Terrier can live in any kind of home environment so long as they are properly exercised. If you can train and exercise this dog properly, you will have a companion that will be good with people and will protect you as well.

The Lakeland Terrier – Very Adaptable

The Lakeland Terrier – Very Adaptable (

How to Groom a Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is one of the hardest dogs to groom because it has a rough overcoat which must be kept hard and wiry and a soft undercoat which is to remain soft. This is because the coat is the dog’s protection against the elements and is also one of its key points for showing.

Unlike many other dogs which benefit from being brushed, Lakeland Terriers are better off being hand stripped for their outer coat and then raked for their undercoat. This retains the usefulness of their coat while maintaining their distinctive appearance.

Grooming Guide – Lakeland Clip/Pet Trim – Pro Groomer

Clipping the Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terriers should only be clipped in their belly, genital, and ear areas as anywhere else damage the coat and do nothing about the dead hairs that have to be taken out. Clipping these hairs can even cause discomfort as clipping does not remove the hair shaft and causes itching. Instead, grooming Lakeland Terriers is a matter of painstakingly stripping, hand plucking, and carefully combing out the coat. The beard also has to be combed and often trimmed or plucked in order to retain a tidy appearance.

If you do choose to brush your dog, you’ll want to use a slicker brush and a greyhound comb on the undercoat. Some owners clip the overcoat despite the attitude that it should be hand plucked in order to be correctly done; if you’re never going to show your dog and you’re careful about clipping, this works well enough, so long as you are mindful of any hair shafts. Combing should be done every other day.

Spot Clean the Beard

On the other hand, bathing should only be done as required. Bathing your Lakeland Terrier dries out the skin and destroys the protective qualities of the coat, making it hazardous to do. Instead, spot cleans the beard and face of your dog when necessary and only give your dog a bath if he’s rolled in something offensive.

Like any dog, Lakeland Terrier grooming also requires you to clean your dog’s ears with a cotton swab and a cleaning solution to get rid of the wax. You also have to clean away the debris that can collect in the corner of your dog’s eyes. Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth as early as possible to get him used to the sensation, using canine toothpaste and a brush or finger brush. Finally, your dog’s nails will have to be clipped every couple of weeks so that your dog is comfortable and the nails stay healthy.

Lakeland Terrier – Attractive When Groomed

Lakeland Terriers are very attractive dogs when they are kept well groomed and this requires some time commitment from the owner, especially if you are a die-hard and want to do most of the grooming by hand plucking which takes a long time but results in a very fine looking animal. Other owners may find that simply combing and clipping does a well enough job for them. No matter which side you fall on, Lakeland Terrier grooming is trickier than other terriers, so keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to own one.

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