The Lab Collie Mix is probably the most common cross bred collie dog. Breeding a Labrador Retriever with a Border Collie is a wonderful way of combining the best qualities of both of these wonderful and well-loved breeds.

Lab Collie Mix has the retrieving gift of the Labrador and the well-renowned herding qualities of the Border Collie. Like the breeds that gave rise to them, these dogs are highly trainable and very intelligent. Some experts believe them to be the most intelligent working breed of dog in the world.

The Lab Collie Mix is an athletic, hard-working dog that has tons of stamina and endurance when tested. They also love to work with and please their owners. The typical Collie may be too energetic for most families to handle on top of a busy schedule so a Lab Collie Mix may be the ideal substitute, since they tend to be a lot less intense and their need for exercise is lower.

When you choose a lab Lab Collie Mix make sure that you are getting what you pay for and want. Collie mix puppies are notoriously difficult to identify. The lab collie mix is typically black and white – they are often mostly black. Their coats are short and in contrast to pure bred Border Collie puppies – they are both larger and heavier. Sometimes you may find a Lab Collie Mix who looks almost identical to a pure bred Collie pup.

Great places to obtain a Lab Collie Mix are local dog pounds, animal shelters and rescue organizations. Your dog will still need lots of exercise and free play. Allow your dog to swim if he or she enjoys it and encourage the retrieving aspects of your dog’s personality by playing catch or fetch as often as possible. In this breed you will find a loving and loyal companion and if you are an active person who loves the outdoors you may have met your match in this cross breed.