Jack Russell Terriers were bred in England in the 19th century by a clergyman of the same name. They were bred primarily to dig out foxes and hunt them, but they can also be used to hunt rats and other vermin.  Jack Russells are energetic, spirited and demanding dogs; they can be wonderful companions to their humans and children alike if trained properly, but if left to their own devices, they will develop ‘Small Dog Syndrome’ whereby they consider themselves the leader of the household and can develop bad habits like snapping, biting, guarding and barking.  Jack Russells need the firm hand of an experienced trainer in order to be well-behaved pets, but once trained, they are loyal, energetic, smart, and fiercely protective and devoted to their owners.

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Jack Russell Terrier Personality: Loves to Play

Jack Russell’s best belong to someone who is energetic and consistent; they love to play and exercise and need to have someone exercise them in turn so that they don’t grow restless and get destructive when they do.  They can live in any setting so long as they have the ability to run around outside. With their wiry short coat, it is very easy to groom the Jack Russell, and they are smart enough to train to do even amazing tricks. So with the proper time and guidance, your Jack Russell Terrier can amaze you. Jack Russells also tend to be very healthy and have a life expectancy of fifteen years or more.

Dogs 101 – Jack Russell Dog Breed

Needs Adequate Exercise

Jack Russell terriers are in their element when they are allowed to run, hunt, and play, and so these dogs are best suited to a country lifestyle, though they can live in cities so long as they have adequate exercise.  If you can give this dog training and exercise, you will find yourself with an excellent pet.

How to Groom a Jack Russell Terrier

How to Groom a Jack Russell Terrier

How to Groom a Jack Russell Terrier (Source: pixabay.com)

Jack Russell terriers have a hard overcoat, softer undercoat and their coat has the ability to repel water. Soft coated Jack Russell’s are easier to groom as they can be brushed or combed and don’t require as much hand stripping. Otherwise, they are the same as rough and broken coated Jack Russell Terriers, which are more detailed in the article to follow.

Grooming your Jack Russell Terrier is done not only for appearance and comfort but also to help the coat do its job of repelling water and dealing with other substances. Unlike many other terriers, the grooming of a Jack Russell Terrier involves hand stripping rather than combing or brushing.

This makes grooming a Jack Russell Terrier a lot more time to consume, but you end up with a very tidy looking dog in the end. Fortunately, many professionals say that you really only have to do serious grooming a couple times a year – the rest of the time is simply upkeeped. If you don’t have time to hand pluck, you can use a plucking comb in order to get rid of the hairs. You won’t get the same polished result, but it will do the job. If you are unsure of how to do it, make sure to ask a professional groomer for advice!

Bathing Your Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terriers do not need a lot of bathing – Only on a required basis such as when they get into something gross. Too much bathing dries out their skin and ruins the water repelling quality of their hair. However, you can run a damp towel along them to get rid of daily dirt and loose hairs if you want to. When you do want to give your dog a bath, make sure the water is tepid and dry them off by wrapping a towel around them and tying it off snugly so that the coat dries flat. Don’t blow dry a Jack Russell Terrier as this makes their coat fluff out weirdly.

Broken Hair Shafts – Uncomfortable with The Dog!

Jack Russell terriers should also not be clipped too much, except around their face, in their ears, and genital area as clipping leads to broken hair shafts which will be pushed out eventually, but in the meantime are uncomfortable to the dog and unsightly to people.

Other aspects of grooming a Jack Russell Terrier are the same as grooming any dog. You need to clip their nails every couple of weeks in order to keep the nails healthy and keep the dog from damaging himself or the furniture. The corners of their eyes should be cleaned regularly to remove the build-up of dirt that accumulates there from the eyelashes pushing them away.

Check and Clean The Ears

Jack Russell terriers also need to have their teeth brushed from an age as early as possible in order to get them accustomed to it. They also need to have their ears checked for anything strange which a vet should look at and otherwise should be gently cleaned with a cleaning solution and a soft cotton swab around the outer ear. Check your dog’s pads for anything wedged in them and remove any debris.

Finally, make sure to give lots of treats – Many Jack Russell Terriers, especially those being hand plucked, can be uncertain about the whole thing and treats helps to ease things.

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