I would say definitely yes, if you would like to have a dog that is small, friendly and loyal to each member of the family. The Miniature (or Mini or Toy) Bulldog is also gentle and good natured, this makes them excellent companions. They are fond of children and would never hurt them intentionally. They can also get on well with dogs and other pets in the family, especially if they are raised together. They need daily walks and short playing sessions to keep them healthy and happy. These dogs can do well in an apartment.

The coat of the Miniature Bulldog is short smooth and glossy, it is easy to groom as it requires minimal, weekly care. It is an average shedder. The muzzle needs special care after meals to prevent infections. This breed is prone to health issues like breathing problems, hip or knee problems and overheating.

Training the Miniature Bulldog is hard, because these dogs have a low learning rate and they tend to be stubborn if they are not interested in the training method. Therefore the trainer must be patient, consistent and rewarding towards the dog. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended for them.

All in all, the Miniature Bulldog is the best toy dog for families with children who can provide them lots of love and care to keep this little dog happy and healthy.

I hope this short article will be helpful for you to decide whether the Miniature Bulldog is the right breed for you and for your family.

What is the difference between a a Mini bulldog and an English Bulldog?

First, the size. These are the same breed, only their size differs.

On the other hand, it is a bit controversial, because some breeders breed fake mini bulldogs by crossing an English Bulldog and a Pug, and as a consequence, many people don’t consider the Mini Bulldogs purebred breeds, because they think this is the only way to breed them.

Beware of scammers!

Apparently there is a new wave of scammers targeting unsuspecting buyers especially in Middle Eastern countries. The scammers offer very cheap puppies for sale on different classified websites from the Netherlands. They do ship the puppies, but the claims for vaccinations and deworming are fake and the puppies often have Parvo virus.

Remember, when it comes to buying a puppy, cheaper is most probably worse. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a puppy if the same quality can be provided for just a few hundred? A puppy that sells for $200 will almost certainly get sick very soon after purchase, or is sick already. The vaccinations and registration documents are probably missing and they are probably poorly socialized puppies, which means that your children are in for some unpleasant surprises, possibly a dog bite. The odd exception that proves the rule is when a reputable breeder needs to sell a litter quickly for some reason.

In Middle Eastern countries, where the supply of well-bred puppies is quite low, buying online is almost the only option. But please be very careful when buying a puppy online and if you are not 100% sure that the seller is legitimate and the puppy is healthy, go to Euro Puppy, who specialize in offering puppies for sale to Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries.

Mini Bulldog health issues and how to prevent them

Miniature Bulldog

Miniature Bulldog

While it is true that Mini Bulldogs do not have the same health issues as their full size cousins, there are still certain risks involved.  It is obvious that since they are smaller and weigh less that they are more mobile, and agile.  They have much higher stamina, and can exercise longer.  Mini Bulldogs do not overheat as much or have as many breathing problems.  They are more active and less lazy than full size bulldogs.

But lets be honest here.  They are still Bulldogs.  Just like French Bulldogs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, and Pugs they are a snub nose dog.  They will need have their wrinkles cleaned regularly, they need to have their teeth brushed regularly, and they need be treated like a Bulldog type breed.

Mini Bulldogs are a wonderful breed of dogs.  They live longer, are less prone to serious health issues, and are generally more easily going.

Basically, Miniature English Bulldogs is a small version of the English Bulldog. They are healthier compared to their bigger brethrens, however, these Mini Bulldogs inherited few health issues from their predecessors. Here are some of those issues and ways to prevent and treat them.

Hip Dysplasia

Like all bulldog breeds, the Mini Bulldog is also prone to acquiring this condition. This disease occurs when the femur or thighbone is dislocated from the hip socket. It results in lameness and limited movement of the hind legs. It is very important to manage the Mini Bulldog’s weight because of this. This breed is known to quickly pack a few pounds in a short amount of time so making sure NOT feeding them extremely high carbohydrates and fat foods is necessary. Daily exercise should be done as well such as walks to burn excess calories. Feeding them several, small meals through out the day rather than one big meal would also help in managing their weight.

Heat Sensitivity

Mini bulldogs are prone to overheating because of their short face causing obstructed airways. They must be given plenty of water and shade. Keeping them in standing heat should be avoided as much as possible especially during summer months. If kept indoors, make sure that the area is properly ventilated.

Breathing Problems

As mentioned previously, Mini Bulldogs are “brachycephalic” or short-faced making breathing issues recurrent. Some treat this problem through surgery but is not necessary in all instances. This can be addressed by regularly having the dog checked by the vet especially for respiratory infections. Avoid excessive panting and prolonged barking of your dog because both causes swelling of the larynx or voice box that may lead to respiratory distress. A way of clearing the Mini Bulldog’s throat would be squirting a small amount of lemon juice, which acts as a muculytic or mucus remover.

How Much Exercise Does A Mini Bulldog Need

In planning to have a new pet, you might want to think about having a miniature bulldog. They are perfect especially for condo or apartment living especially when you have to remain indoors all the time. Nevertheless, no matter how comfortable they are in staying indoors, they still need sufficient amount of exercise to warm up their stored energy every day.

To keep them healthy is simple apart from just feeding them right and bathing them well. You can take them, for even just a few minutes outside as you jog or walk in the park. However, you must remember that they won’t be enjoying long workout routines with you since they are known for their lazy attitude.

Hence, it is very essential that you take them to the vet’s clinic regularly to have their health checked and know the proper amount of food intake they need to keep them fit.

How to train your Mini Bulldog? Common Mistakes.

The narrow line between training and abuse

Many dog owners think that their Mini Bulldog is the smartest in the world. There’s no problem with this, up to certain a point. This point is when the owner expects as much from the dog as if it really was the most intelligent creature the world has ever seen. They expect them to learn everything right away, whereas dogs need time to learn things, the same way as we, humans do. Just in a different way 🙂 Well, the point is, that training requires time and patience. It can be different for all dogs, but we do have to keep this in mind and take the time and energy to train our Mini Bulldog.

Another common mistake (also because of the lack of patience) is to give up. Many people think that they have already tried everything but the dog doesn’t want to learn. In this case, maybe the methods are not the best, or they need more time. There are no dogs who wouldn’t be able to learn at least a few commands. Giving up is never a solution.

So, if we have the time and the patience we can avoid the next, and maybe the biggest mistake: to turn training into abuse. Probably you expect me to tell you where this line is. I can’t. This is something the owner should know. Training is all about communication. If you know your Mini Bulldog, if you pay attention to him, you see how he feels. Unfortunately many dog owners don’t have this ability, because they only keep pets for entertainment, while a dog is much more than that.

Going back to training, a very important rule is that your goal should be that your Mini Bulldog obeys to commands because he is keen to do so. NOT BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID. Many-many owners forget about this, and feel the training successful, but actually they are making their dog unhappy. How can someone live happily in fear? No way. These owners are only keeping a dog to make themselves happy, and don’t feel the responsibility they should.

So the point is, that ‘positive training’ is possible. Actually, that’s the only way.

The first difficulties most Mini Bulldog owners face is potty training their puppy. As with general training, the main principles remain the same: a positive, rewarding approach and a lot of patience is required.