A choosing dog breed quiz can be a very insightful tool to figuring out if a french bulldog is the right dog for you and your family. Frenchies are a tricky breed. There is a lot to consider when deciding to add these dogs to your family or pack. Choosing the wrong breed can disrupt the life of your family and the puppy’s. It is always best to do your research, weigh your options, and in the end decide on the perfect dog breed for your lifestyle and family situation.

I wanted a French Bulldog for years and years before I ever decided to take the plunge and become serious about adopting one. Even after years of knowing that I wanted one, when the time came, I spent a good deal of time researching the breed before I actually bought one. Adopting a frenchie, or any puppy or dog, is like adding a new family member. It mus be done carefully, with a lot of thought and planning.

Here are some of the steps I took in my journey to deciding if a frenchie is right for me, as well as some other helpful advice to help you on your way:

  • Get a hold of a local French Bulldog Rescue volunteer or representative (and think about adoption) – Even if you are on the fence about adoption, a volunteer or representative from a rescue group will be very experienced with the breed and can answer your questions, one on one. It is an easy way to acquire expert and unbiased advice.
  • Attend a local Frenchie meetup group – In most places frenchies are somewhat few and far between. Wherever you are from you may not have ever actually seen a frenchie up close and personal! By attending a local meetup you will have a chance to interact with many frenchies all at once! A great place to find meetups by state is Meetup.com.
  • Go to a dog show – In some cases you may have to travel a bit to get there, but you will not only have the opportunity to see what a well bred frenchie looks like, but also mingle with some reputable and responsible breeders.
  • Participate in an online forum – You may have specific questions you’d like to ask, or could benefit from a little online chit chat with people who are seasoned French Bulldog owners. Online forums are an excellent place to not only get your questions answered, but have a little fun and gain camaraderie.

Take A Choosing Dog Breed Quiz!

OK, I know, you already KNOW you want a French Bulldog, right? BUT, by taking one of these quizzes you are pretty much sealing the deal. You will really know that this is the right breed for you! Many of us are easily won over by that cuter than ever frenchie face, and those expressive eyes. But owning one and looking at cute pictures are two separate things. I took a couple of these quizzes online before I got my first frenchie. And do you want to know what? The results popped up and a frenchie was on the list of perfect dogs for me! Once I saw that I knew it was meant to be! And besides, it’s just fun to do.

Below are a list of links to online quizzes you can take determine which breed is right for you. It’s fun and it will help you to know if bringing a frenchie into your family is the right decision.

6 Things to Ponder Before Add These Dogs to Your Family or Pack:

Your Salary

French bulldogs can cost a pretty penny. In fact, you want them to. If the dog you are preparing to buy seems like a cheap price to you, it is probably too good to be true. Buying a “cheap” or affordable priced dog may result in even more money spent on veterinary bills due to poor breeding.

These dogs are extremely difficult and expensive to breed. Most have to be bred by artificial insemination, and pups have to be c-sectioned at birth. Not to mention costly health testing, ultrasounds, and the cost of vaccinating and caring for the pups. Caring for the puppies in their critical first weeks is strenuous in itself. All of which contributes to the high price of these dogs. It is all well worth it of course! But the cost of the dog itself is just the beginning of the expenses you will encounter owning a frog dog, not to mention veterinary costs, high quality food, toys and other supplies. Which brings me to the next possible big expense…

Health Issues

This is one of the biggest make it or break it factors to figure in when bringing a french bulldog into your life. Not all frenchies have huge health problems, but it can kind of be like playing the lottery. You don’t really know what you are going to get. There are frog dog owners who did everything to seek out the best of breeders, and still ended up with a lot of health issues. And there are those who have gotten puppy mill dogs from a pet store or shelter and had no issues whatsoever.

The sad fact is, you need to be prepared that the puppy you bring home could end up with a range of problems from severe allergies, to congenital diseases. Luxating patellas (loose knees), hip dysplasia, demodectic mange, cherry eye, elongated palate, and more, are all conditions that are prevalent in the breed. It’s not meant to scare you away from the breed, but to prepare you for the “just in case”. Some conditions can be treated with surgery, and some with medication and diet. In most all cases it will put a dent in your wallet, which you must also be prepared for. Veterinary insurance is always a good idea! Do your homework and researching to find an excellent and responsible breeder will greatly reduce the chances of your pup having health issues, but it is never a guaranteed.

Is Your Lifestyle Suitable For A Frenchie?

Frenchies were originally bred as a companion dog. Their major function in life is spending time with you! These are generally not very independent dogs. And in many cases they will want or even demand ALOT of attention from you. In puppy stages you will need to be available to your dog at very minimum every four hours to bring the pup out for potty breaks. Not to mention a few hours per day to play and snuggle. If you are working a full time job you must consider how you can fit your frenchie’s needs into your schedule. Hiring a dog walker may be in order, or bringing your pup to work with you.

Training Issues – How do you feel about your rugs?

Some frenchies have been reported to be difficult to house train. This is a very stubborn breed after all! In my opinion the method of house training you use can indeed have a good impact on how fast your pup is potty trained, but every frog will be different from another. So even if you do everything right, your puppy may still have accidents. You should be prepared to deal with housebreaking issues for at least up to 6 months and sometimes more depending on training methods and your dog.

Snoring, Farting, Sneezing, and Burping, Oh My!

Oh and did I forget the eye boogers? And mention the fact that it is good practice to wipe their bums after a potty trip? Yup. Frenchies are not for everyone.

OK, OK sounds gross I know, but it’s a reality. If you’ve never met one, you may wonder why anyone would find a dog who exhibits all of these behaviors appealing at all. The truth is, I find my frenchies to be the cutest most adorable little monsters on this earth. In fact they are just so darn cute, that even when there is room clearing bouts of gas, I still found them to be the most endearing little creatures that ever lived. I could not live without one ever again now that they are in my life! That being said, when I come across a stranger or a frog dog virgin, I get mixed responses. Some give me the weirdest looks ever. Some reach out to pet and back away when they hear the funny snorting and snoring. But I have also heard someone say how my dog was the ugliest thing they had ever seen. And in one case someone who came in contact with my dog started yelling “Eeeww! Get it away!”. Not even kidding. Deeply offensive to me, and disrespectful to my poor doggy, but frenchies are just not for everyone. And let’s face it, not everyone will enjoy being sneezed in the face by a wrinkly face piggy monster dog thing, even if it is the cutest monster in the whole world.

Couch Potato? Or Jogging Partner?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to expect from this breed. All french bulldogs are different and will have different personalities. Some are reported as lazy couch potatoes. Some will report that their frog has ceaseless energy and spends half the day running laps around the house. I find it is more the norm to get a dog who will enjoy snuggling up on the couch for a good two hour long nap, about every couple hours, with bouts of energetic play in between. But always remember that you will not necessarily be able to predict exactly what you will get. In the puppy years most every frog will have some good puppy energy, and will run and play and generally cause a little bit of trouble. But personalities may change as the pup grows older. He or she will go through many phases. Environment, health, and training are also factors that will shape and mold your frenchies behavior.

If you have read the above, done your research, maybe took the choosing a dog breed quiz, and you are still convinced that this is the dog for you, then congratulations! This will be the start of a life altering journey toward frenchie ownership! You will not regret it. Good luck and be sure to come back and share some pictures when you find your new companion!