If you must leave your poodle for more than a few hours, you’ll need to put him in a long-term confinement area, rather than a crate. This area-your safe room-should be stocked with a few basics: a water dish, a few toys, and a place where your poodle can eliminate if he needs to do so. This is the only fair way to leave your puppy for hours at a stretch. If you crate him for so long he’s forced to soil the crate, you’ve ruined the crate for house training, and you’ll come home to a miserable messy puppy.

Because your long-term confinement area is sparsely furnished by necessity, it may be boring to your poodle. Provide him with at least one treat stuffed Kong toy and plenty of other safe chew toys so when he is awake he has something to do. Rotate the toys to keep things interesting.

Create An Indoor Potty Spot

For a Toy Poodle, you can consider using a litter box designed for dogs, or special pee pads. Some dog experts recommend that the indoor potty area should mimic what you want him to use outside. If he will be going on grass outside use a patch of sod.

When you return home, take your poodle outside and reward him when he goes. If your puppy has used his indoor potty area, clean it up, but don’t worry about trying to eliminate the urine odor. You want him to be attracted to that area.

Try to monitor how much he eliminates while you’re gone. You should find less and less mess as your poodle gets bigger and begins to understand that eliminating outside earns him rewards.