When it comes to determining the best dog food for puppies…The general consensus would be a premium brand dry food.

This is especially true because a lot of dog owners have realized that they actually have to feed one and a half times more wet or semi-moist type of dog food just to get the same volume of nutrients found in dry dog food.

Another reason why most dog lovers resort to dry food is because it can help strengthen a puppy’s teeth. In fact, moist, wet, and canned dog food can actually be a cause for the puppies teeth to soften and even potential lead to cavities or teeth falling out.

However, before you actually do switch to a premium dry dog food for your puppy, you need to give serious consideration to the fact that there is a period of transition involved.

This means that you cannot just stop feeding it wet food and change to a new variety of dry food right then and there because it might be too much for the puppy’s stomach to handle and it could be sick or it could lose its appetite altogether and not eat the new food.

What you need to do is make a gradual transition by combining or adding in incremental amounts the new dry food to that of the previous brand your pet puppy has gotten used to.

Even the best dog food for puppies needs at least a week or so in order for it to fully integrate into the puppy’s digestive system and stomach.

Choosing High Quality Dog Food for Puppies

For a puppy, the kind of food it needs is greatly different to that of older or larger dogs. A puppy needs pampering just as babies do. You wouldn’t feed your new baby a taco or a beef steak, and the same goes for your puppy.

So you will need something that is delicate, safe, and nutritious for the animal

One important consideration is the brand. From the expert’s viewpoint, it is not ideal to feed puppies some dog food brands that are common and cheaply bought in grocery stores.

What your puppy will need is something a bit more nutritious and composed of high quality ingredients.

This can only be achieved by opting for premium or high end dog food brands. Unlike cars, appliances, or gadgets, a high end or premium brand will actually just a cost a bit more than generic ones, say for example a couple of dollars per kilogram or pack more.

Premium brands are the best dog food for puppies because they are specifically made to suit the nutritional and vitamin needs of small and growing dogs.

Unlike grocery stores with the cheap brands, there is an emphasis on guaranteeing that the puppy will grow strong and healthy. Best of all, it’s always good to choose dry food as well. Some people believe that semi-moist varieties are better because they assist puppies in grinding.

However, there’s also a big chance that the same may lead to indigestion, diarrhea, or other stomach and digestion issues.

Finally, the best dog food for puppies should contain all the necessary ingredients for the animal to become healthy.

Of course, meat should be there. However, take a careful look at the ingredients in each one.  If they include poultry, be aware that this may include sharp things like beaks and feet which could be harmful to your puppy.

Beef and pork on the other hand are must-haves. A protein-based ingredient such as meat in dog foods for puppies is always better than fillers like corn or grain or ash.