Although your Yorkshire Terrier is very small, its playful nipping and biting can still be painful and annoying. It’s best to prevent the problem when the dog is very young, but it’s never too late to stop your Yorkshire terrier from biting.

The easiest way to stop your Yorkshire terrier’s biting is to cry as another puppy would. This is the natural way that puppies learn to inhibit their bite so they don’t hurt each other when playing. Adult dogs respond to your crying in the same way. If you want your Yorkshire Terrier to never put its mouth on you at all, then cry when it just touches its mouth to your skin, before it bites. Your cry is a short, high-pitched yelp that mimics the cries of a puppy that is hurt.

Some dogs don’t recognize crying, or intensify their biting when you cry. This is the result of a puppy being removed from its litter too soon, or when people have played using fake cries to encourage the game, thus encouraging the biting. If your Yorkshire Terrier is in this category, try gently holding your finger behind the lower canine teeth. Don’t squeeze or pull; simply hold your finger there, where the dog can neither bite nor release. Do this instantly every time the dog bites, even repeating many times in a matter of minutes.

 If your Yorkshire Terrier is biting seriously, you need professional help from a veterinary behaviorist or a dog trainer who is experienced with aggressive behavior. Don’t try to stop your Yorkshire Terrier from biting seriously without professional assistance.