The most important thing to be taken care about dachshund is their nails. Regular care and nail trimming will promote a sound and healthy dachshund feet. By proper nail care, dachshunds can use their nails, pads, and toes for shock absorbers, traction devices, and digging tools. Hence it is necessary to buy a proper nail clipping tools. These tools come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and price.

The basic choice of clippers usually ranges between the scissor clippers and guillotine clippers. Scissor clippers are generally recommended as their smaller hand provides easy manipulation. Dachshund nail care suggests having silver nitrate binds or styptic powder while clipping their nails. The nail file is preferred so that the rough edges of the nails can be smoothened. This also helps in trimming the nails short without any risk of nail bleed.

Dachshund nail care suggests placing the breed on the non-slipping surface while clipping their nails. To make the nails short electric sanders can be used. Sanding should be stopped when the center portion of the nail looks darker. While clipping it is recommended to turn the bottom foot of the dog to make it comfortable. When using the sander care should be taken to see that the sander does not get any tangled coat of dachshund.

Generally, the sander head rotates at a higher speed so there is a chance of ripping the coat if the head of the device gets closer to the dog’s coat. For long-haired dachshund, it is better to wrap their body with towels while clipping their nail to be on the safer side of protecting their coat. When finished, check that the nails don’t touch the surface and check it is short and smooth.