Many of the reasons Yorkies dig can be prevented. Yorkshire Terriers have a natural instinct to dig, but this can be reduced by following some simple steps.

Giving your dog plenty of exercise can help reduce the excess energy Yorkies often have, which makes them want to dig to release this built-up energy. The more exercise your dog gets, the less likely they are to want to go digging. If your pet is digging because they are bored, you can give him or her toys to play with, while you’re away. Dogs who dig to try to escape may need to be crated, or kept indoors. Some dogs only dig for fun, so you should find an alternative for of entertainment.

How To Stop Yorkies Digging

The following steps can help stop a Yorkie digging inappropriately:

  • Limit your Yorkies access – Limiting your dogs access to certain areas the most obvious and effective way to prevent digging. If your dog is not allowed near the garden, they can’t dig.
  • Plant robust flowers, vegetables and plants – Some plants, flowers and vegetables can withstand the threat of digging. If it’s appropriate, you can start to plant these. Examples include roses who can defend themselves with their thorns, and often act a deterrent.
  • Buried Chicken wire – This is great way to prevent Yorkshire Terriers from digging. Simply roll up the top layer of turf in your garden. Then, you place chicken wire under the turf. The chicken wire won’t be visible, and once your Yorkie tries and fails to dig, he or she will soon give up, and won’t attempt to dig there again.
  • Allocate a place for digging – Digging and burrowing is a natural trait of Yorkshire Terriers. It’s difficult to stop this behavior, and in some situations wiser to let your pet continue one of their favorite activities. Allocating a place to dig is probably the best solution if your dog will be spending a lot of time in the yard or garden. When this digging area is established, you have to ensure that you Yorkshire Terrier will only dig in this area, and not in other places. Sandboxes can also be used as a dedicated area for digging. Monitor your Yorkies behavior, and make sure he or she is only digging in the sandbox. Praise your pet if he or she is using the sandbox, and correct your dog them if they attempt to dig in other areas. Redirect your Yorkie back to the sandbox and praise him or her once they start digging in the allocated area. You can reinforce this by giving your dog a treat.