The Pitbull race may not always have the best reputation but they can easily be gentle, fun-loving and heart-warming pets. Yes, they are genetically a little more aggressive than many other breeds but pitbulls can be easily trained. If trained from an early age onward, training a pitbull puppy to be an intelligent, obedient dog is very possible. All it takes are a few quick tips on how to train a pitbull combined with some positive puppy classes and a few tools like a clicker and dog treats.

The Keys to Effective Pitbull Training

Pitbulls, just like any other breed really, can learn a lot through positive reinforcement. Dogs want to learn and they love treats. The methodology is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 but going through the steps can be a little difficult at times. In short, what positive reinforcement means is that you will reward your pitbull, or any other breed, when it obeys correctly. Through positive reinforcement, as opposed to correction or negative reinforcement, a puppy or a dog will learn much more willingly, more quickly, and the bond between the owner and the dog will be stronger through the positive and loving training methods.

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One of the greatest and most common tools to help train using positive reinforcement is through a clicker. Normally, when you are teaching a dog a trick, such as “sit,” when the dog sits correctly upon your command, you give the dog a treat. And while that is very effective, a clicker will help aid that. How so? Because the owner needs to give the dog the treat exactly when the dog sits so that the dog knows the treat was for sitting. If the dog sits then the owner reaches for the treat, the dog can either forget what the treat was for or begin to move and jump for the treat. If the owner then gives the reward anyway, the dog does not learn why it earned the reward. This is when the clicker comes in. If the dog associates the sound of the clicker with the reward, the owner can click the clicker upon the correct “sit” and the dog will understand it did a good job for sitting. Then the owner can give the treat. The dog needs to understand how his behavior can earn the reward. A clicker will help with that.

How to Train a Pitbull – Final Tips

Pitbull puppies also need to be trained away from any natural aggressive tendencies, which is a key aspect you need to take into account if you want to learn how to train a pitbull effectively. Help train a pitbull puppy by playing with it but not playing aggressively. Let them get to know other dogs and animals at the dog park but stop any aggressive behavior. Use the clicker to train the pitbull to pay attention to you (“watch me” command) as the owner and help it ignore other animals. Play tug-of-war but without any yanking. Cuddle and play with the pitbull, but do not wrestle. Through positive training methods and gentle play, pitbull and any dog can be trained well into an obedient and loving adult.