Maintaining a dachshund is of more important than picking up it. It is necessary to know the dachshund health care tips while bringing these dogs home. They should be provided with good and healthy foods if you wish them to lead a healthy and long life. Commercial foods are good for them but it is not of same quality always. Cheaper brands of commercial food will be loaded with lots of calories, few mineral, carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins.

Some foods may cause the dog nervous, make their coats dull and they will lose their energy. When these symptoms are found it is essential to change their foods. It is recommended to consult the veterinarians for the specific food habits for the dachshund. Generally foods with the proper balance of omega6 and omega3 fatty acids help in improving their skin and joint health of dachshund.

Some foods show rapid growth in dachshund puppies but it is dangerous as it may cause bone and tissue abnormalities. Meals should be provided four times in a day to puppies that are eight to twelve weeks old for efficient growth and health. The dog can be healthy with proper supply of fats and protein foods. It is very essential to check the oral health of this breed as they suffer from oral problems as they have a long life span.

For long and healthy life it is necessary to ensure that the immune system of these dogs is strong. Foods containing beta carotene helps in the rejuvenation of the immune system of the older dachshund dogs. A balanced and complete diet will always help the dog to lead a healthy life. Dachshund health care suggests regular veterinarian visit for their healthy and long life.